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Quad Cities Business Beat: Mark's Beer Garden Featured

It’s time to raise a mug to your neighbors!

We talk a lot about tourism in Prescott. The tax dollars generated by tourist activities help keep the City of Prescott humming along. 

Excuse us while we interrupt with a short commercial break: Thank you to all that come visit our fair City. You’ll appreciate the fact that prices aren’t hiked up just for your benefit, ‘cuz we’ve all got to live here, too! That being said, we hope you have a good time and spend lots of money! 

Mark Davidson is focused on a different clientele. You. Meaning his neighbors, his friends, his regulars that enjoy the atmosphere, the beer and the food. They have events, live music, indoor and outdoor seating, great bbq, and of course, beer. Listen in as the Quad Cities Business Beat crew of Lynette Hoyt, Zach Hoyt and San Martin Rodriguez talk about one of Prescott’s best kept secrets: Mark’s Beer Garden.

If you go:

What: Mark’s Beer Garden

Where: 1590 Swenson Street, Prescott 

When: 7 days a week, 11 AM - 12 AM

Happy Hour: Monday - Friday 2-6 PM

Mark’s Beer Garden Website | Facebook | Instagram 

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Last modified on Tuesday, 02 April 2019 18:11
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