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Quad Cities Business Beat: Baby Quip Featured

Grandma time is almost here. Are you (and your house) ready?

Your son and daughter-in-law are arriving at the Prescott airport to visit for a week, bringing their three adorable children - aged 4 and under.

Yikes! What’s a loving grandma to do?

Call Jessica at Baby Quip, of course. 

They can turn your 'designed-for-middle-aged-people' home into a well-equipped abode ready for a healthy and happy invasion by grandchildren. 

Need a crib? Check.

…complete with linens?

…set up and ready to go?

Check. Check.

How about a stroller - such a nuisance to bring on a plane or long car trip? Check.

High chair for meal times? Check.

A swing? Check.

Toys? Yep, Jessica’s got it all. Your only job is to enjoy those grandchildren, and the Baby Quip service makes that easy and hassle-free.

Lynette Hoyt sits down with Jessica Brunk, the local Prescott Baby Quip Provider and talks about the services and baby equipment she offers, why she started Baby Quip and more. They’re joined by Zach Hoyt and San Martin Rodriguez.

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Last modified on Saturday, 24 November 2018 07:53
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