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Opinion: The Word of the Day Featured

Sometimes it’s all the same.

When my children were quite young, we wanted them to learn to listen to the sermon during church. So, we would look at the sermon outline, and pick a word that we thought would be used rather frequently that morning, and tell them to keep track of how many times the Pastor said that word. We then paid them 5¢ for each time they heard the word. We figured that they’d get at least one word out of the sermon!

Sometimes, if we weren’t sure what word to use, we’d ask the pastor. I remember he told us the word one time, and then proceeded to say it over 100 times during the sermon! We felt a bit poorer that day. I wonder if the kids bribed him? ;)

It wasn’t that unusual for Pastor Hammer to stop in the beginning of the sermon and ask us what the word of the day was! We’d tell him, and he’d grin and go back to preaching. 

Fast forward to our current times, and it seems as if reporters are receiving their own “word of the day” from somewhere or someone. Or maybe they just don’t have any original thoughts themselves? 

So, unless you’re getting paid for every time the word or phrase is being used, look past the hype. Make your own decisions. Do your own research. Go to the original source whenever possible. Read the entire document, look for the context. 

After all, anything else is just a #NothingBurger.

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Last modified on Sunday, 24 November 2019 09:50
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