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How To Read Fabric Labels Like A Pro Featured

Golly, those symbols actually mean something?

Sometimes I purposely wallow in ignorant bliss - those times when I realize there’s more information and I just don’t want to bother to find out? C’mon, we’ve all been there. Maybe it’s it’s something irrelevant to my life for now, or something I don’t have time to deal with. Like the witch in The Wiz - "Don’t bring me no bad news!"

Other times, I’m wallowing in ignorance, and I haven’t even realized that I’m wallowing. You know, the signs are all there, but for some reason, those signs are invisible. 

That’s the way I was with clothing labels. 

I guess I knew there were strange little symbols on the tags, but frankly the only time I ever thought about the tags were when they were itchy or poking me. Sometimes while shopping, I’d take a quick look to make sure I wasn’t buying something that would require complicated or expensive care, but that’s about it. Sometimes the labels are in a foreign language, which isn’t helpful at all to me. The only Spanish I know I learned from busboys when I was waitressing my way through college.

Lo and behold, I just found out - like today - that the strange little symbols actually mean something. Not only that, those same symbols can help ensure your clothes are well cared-for and last longer. 

How did I miss this information for over 50 years??? I mean, really? What was Home Ec for, if not to teach us about these sorts of things? Although, truthfully, I didn’t ever take Home Ec. Maybe that was the problem. For all Home Ec teachers out there, I apologize for maligning you. In the meantime, I don’t think they even teach Home Ec any more, so that probably means millions of school kids are missing out on important information about clothing and fabric labels. 

So, for all those who, like me, never thought about the silly little symbols on their clothing/fabric labels, here is your instant cheat sheet. You can print it out, frame it and put it in your laundry room. You can even send it to school with your college kid if you like. Knowledge is a wonderful thing. 

You’re welcome. 

Printing instructions: Use the landscape setting. You may need to check the box that says to scale to fit the paper. 

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Last modified on Sunday, 24 June 2018 20:37
Lynne LaMaster

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