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YEI!’s Enclave Supports Businesses in Need Featured

By Yavapai Exceptional Industries! | Partner Content May 23, 2016 1698
Highlighting the Relationship Between QCOffice and YEI!

The men and women of YEI! know just what it means to give back to the community, as so many supporters have done for the 42-year-old organization over the years. With Production Partners throughout the state who benefit by using YEI!’s production technicians, companies have found ways to employ the workers of YEI! and advance their businesses to new levels in production, packaging and outsourcing. Always offering flexibility, work can be brought to any of YEI!’s five production facilities in the Central Highlands, or YEI! workers can go to a place of business fully supervised to start, maintain or finish the task at hand. Either way, there’s no stopping our crews who find gratitude in making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of those within the community. Executive Director Brad Newman adds: “Sometimes it works to bring work to our production facilities. Sometimes it works better for our partners to bring our trained, supervised, super enthusiastic people to their facilities. YEI! production technicians offer efficiency and enrich a company’s culture! Talk about win-win-win-win!”

As a division of Quality Connections (an organization much like YEI!) QCoffice is just one production partner who has seen dramatic changes in the way their offerings serve businesses far and wide. QCoffice offers a complete line of office supplies, cleaning supplies, office furniture and technology to businesses, government offices and private customers throughout the state with over 40,000 products available online. They offer free delivery on most orders without an imposition of sales tax due to their nonprofit status.

Partnering with YEI! was a natural fit when QCoffice was looking to expand into the Central Highlands. Director of Industrial Services Bill Loughney spearheaded the collaboration between YEI! and QCoffice. Originally, most of the work was housed in Phoenix, but moving the fulfillment center to the expansive AP@E warehouse has provided additional jobs to the men and women of YEI! Explains QCoffice Director, Doug Arnett, “We operate a stockless office supply program. When someone in the Prescott area places an order, their items are transferred from one of several distribution centers to the YEI! warehouse. The YEI! crew then delivers those products directly to the customer. This provides a valuable service to the community while providing employment for those who need it the most.” Adds Arnett about the partnership with YEI!, “Partnering with YEI! was a logical choice when we decided we wanted to expand our office supply business into the Prescott market. YEI! is a wonderful organization that matches the mission and values of our own organization. When we introduce ourselves as a partner of YEI! to people in Prescott, we find they respond with open hearts, and want to learn more about what we’re doing because YEI! is so highly regarded in the community.”

Since July 2014, workers in the brand new AP@E warehouse in Prescott Valley have provided exceptional service to QCoffice customers delivering their orders of office products ranging from pens and paperclips, to copy paper and office furniture. AP@E Production Manager, Sterling Haydon (shown in photo), and his group of production technicians deliver the orders to offices as diverse as NACOG in Prescott Valley, the Town of Prescott Valley, Fann Contracting, and the Legal Department of the City of Prescott. Orders that arrive via email from customers who shop online on the QCOffice website fill Haydon’s email box, which is the first step to product fulfillment. And, good news for customers who order products by the pallet—YEI! is generally able to deliver products the same day! Dedicated quality control keeps Haydon a busy guy every day from beginning to end, overseeing the crew, packaging, supervising fulfillment and verifying orders. Building relationships is key, says Haydon: “Part of our success is that businesses feel good about helping YEI! especially when our guys can join the delivery crew. Businesses are so happy to see us. Our guys love it because it gets them out, it shows them how businesses operate, they get public contact, and people are just excited to see us.”

Large or small, any business can set up an account with QCoffice through the company’s website. http://www.qcoffice.org/P780/QualityConnections

About YEI!

Yavapai Exceptional Industries (YEI!) is a charitable organization founded in 1974 to support adults with disabilities. YEI! has been providing job training, employment, volunteer placements, and support services for these developmentally disabled adult residents of the cities and towns of the Central Highlands. Their program of “Developmental Employment” includes the award-winning “Community Contribution Corps” (community volunteer placements) and has been continually accredited at the highest level of service by the National Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) since 1978.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Brad Newman, 928.713.1979 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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