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Father killed, stabbed by His Son - Off-duty deputy detains suspect   

Deputy’s Traffic Stop leads to 40 pounds of meth Seized – Suspect In-Custody 

Homicide in Wilhoit – Suspect In-Custody – Suspect Passes Away

Suspect shot after forcibly entering home in Cordes Lakes demanding money

Suspect gains ownership of real estate worth millions through Fraud Schemes

A $50,000 warrant charging Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon has been issued for Robert David Pearsall, 41-years-old, 5’11”,160, bald/ blond hair, green eyes, a resident of Prescott.  

Taco Bell restaurant on Hwy 89A was the location of an attempted robbery.

Animal Cruelty Investigation Results in Arrest

Suspect involved in Congress to Wittmann Pursuit Being Sought

PRELIMINARY INFORMATION – Please note, the Investigation remains active and further details will not be released at this time.

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