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Bill's Newscast: Thinning the Antelope Herd Featured

Thinning the antelope herds to make room for development in Prescott Valley.

You don’t have much time left to enjoy climbing and other outdoor activities on Granite Mountain and Thumb Butte.  

Prescott National Forest officials are putting restrictions in place that go into effect tomorrow.  Both sites have been consistently occupied by peregrine falcons annually for more than 20 years.  The annual closures provide an undisturbed setting and quality nesting habitat needed for peregrines to raise their young.  The closures are expected to last until July 15th.  On Granite Mountain, it’s prohibited to be upon any part of the rock cliff face by climbing or any other means of access.  On Thumb Butte, both the north and south climbing faces, the top of the mountain and the areas at the base will be closed to entry.  Forest officials are reminding visitors that while the day use facilities may be closed due to a drop in government funding, the forest remains open.  The area closures don’t affect any hiking trails.  

With new development coming to Prescott Valley, the Arizona Game and Fish Department has reduced the size of the Glassford Hill pronghorn antelope herd.  

One week ago, Department representatives, in partnership with the Arizona Antelope Foundation and private land owners captured 45 of the antelope in an area located near Highway 89A.  According to Erin Butler, Terrestrial Wildlife Program Manager for the Kingman office, with a 4 lane, divided highway and a subdivision under construction, they found this estimated 100 antelope herd needed help.  As development in that area continues, the pronghorn will find it increasingly difficult to survive.  A helicopter was used to round up the antelope, which were taken about 30 miles south to release sites near the communities of Bonita, Altar Valley and San Bernardino Valley.  As for the remaining pronghorn, Game and Fish expects the lower elevation grassland habitat to be completely developed within the next 5 to 10 years, resulting in a decrease in population.   

A Cottonwood woman is facing charges after she allegedly burglarized a business in the Old Town area.  

The business owner arrived Monday morning to find a red vehicle owned by Ashley Paisano parked in the back.  At first, the owner didn’t think anything was strange about Paisano parking there. Cottonwood Police Sergeant Monica Kuhlt says it was later discovered a burglary to the Main Street business had occurred. Paisano told police she had permission to enter the business from one of the owner’s family members and had a key, but the business was recently rekeyed.  She’s been arrested for burglary and theft.  



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