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Bill's Newscast: Remember Campfire Safety

Twenty-five Abandoned Campfires in 2 Weeks


Cottonwood garbage truck catches on fire

A City of Cottonwood garbage truck has sustained heat damage following a fire. On Tuesday morning, a City of Cottonwood official reported the driver of a garbage truck was near the airport when he saw smoke coming from the back of his vehicle. The driver contacted a nearby City employee for help in putting out the fire. The employee directed the driver to the Wastewater Facility on West Mingus Avenue, where the Cottonwood Fire and Medical Department responded. It was determined the best way to extinguish the fire was to dump the load of garbage on a driveway at the facility. Firefighters used a foam and water solution to put the fire out. The cause of the fire isn’t known.

Training Exercise

No cause for alarm with emergency vehicles around Glassford Hill Middle School on Friday. The Prescott Valley Police Department hosted a multi-agency training exercise to better prepare first responders in addressing an active threat in a school setting. Police say because critical incidents of this scale require participation of several first responder agencies, residents and visitors will see an increased presence of emergency equipment and personnel. This training exercise, included local, state and federal agencies. Citizens shouldn’t be concerned there’s an actual incident taking place. The school is located off Glassford Hill Road near Long Look Drive.

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions on Wednesday

Prescott National Forest Service officials plan on putting Stage 1 Fire Restrictions in place next week. Forest Service spokeswoman Adriane Ragan describes what won’t be allowed and what will be. Ragan gives some tips for making sure your campfire is out.

Twenty-five abandoned campfires have been found in the Prescott National Forest in the last 2 weeks

Other items that can cause wildfires include chainsaws, safety chains being dragged from vehicles, fireworks, carelessly tossed cigarettes and firearms being discharged. Once they are in place, the restrictions will be in effect until the Forest gets enough rain to reduce the fire risk.

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