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Bill's Newscast: CYFD and CVFD Prepare for Joint Power Authority

Soon the two districts will be operating under a single Authority Board.

Sewer treatment screens need to be replaced

The protective screens at Prescott Valley’s sewer treatment plant are in need of replacement, not repair. Operations Director Mark Kieren says the plant has 3 screens that keep large objects such as rocks and construction debris from entering the downstream process and damaging the equipment. Two of the screens have been used for more than 20 years and the third for 8 years. One of the older screens was sent in for repair and the estimated cost is about 70 thousand dollars. Staff believes it would be better to purchase a new screen rather than replace the old one. Town Council will discuss this nearly 97 thousand dollar expense as part of its study session, which starts at 5:30 tonight in the Library Auditorium on Civic Circle.

Two Fire Districts become as one.

The Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority is preparing to be in place at the start of Fiscal Year 2017. In October, the Central Yavapai and Chino Valley Fire District Boards voted to form the state’s first Joint Powers Authority. The Central Arizona Authority will allow the districts to combine to share personnel as a cost saving measure. One month later, the inaugural Board was set up. Members include Steve Rutherford, Darlene Packard and Bob Page from the Central Yavapai Board and David Dobbs and Julie Pettit from the Chino Valley Board. At 9 tomorrow morning, the Authority Board will hold a strategic and business planning meeting, which will be held at the Central Yavapai Training Center on Valley Road in Prescott Valley. Both districts will officially be blended as of July 1st.

Wanted: New Constable

The search is getting underway for a new Verde Valley Constable. This vacancy is due to last Friday’s resignation of former Constable Jay Parkinson. The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors accepted Parkinson’s resignation during its meeting in Cottonwood yesterday. Individuals who are interested in consideration for this appointment are asked to submit a letter of interest, including a resume detailing their experience and any letters of interest. All letters must be sent to County Administrator Phil Bourdon, 1015 Fair Street, Prescott, AZ 86305 by 5 pm on February 5th. The Board will consider appointing a Constable at its next meeting in Cottonwood on February 17th. The appointment would run until December 31st. The position will then be filled by the individual elected in the November General Election.


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