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Bill's Newscast: Fireplace Safety

Fireplace safety tips from Fire Marshal Rick Chase

The new Prescott City Council will have a busy day tomorrow

Before their study and voting session at 3, Council will meet at 10 in the morning for some training. This training will cover open meeting law, conflict of interest, public records and electronic communications and conduct in the workplace. City Attorney John Paladini, City Clerk Dana DeLong and Human Resources Director Mary Jacobson are scheduled to conduct the training. At 1, Council will meet in a closed session to discuss legal matters, including Arizona Department of Environmental Quality consent orders and a water settlement agreement with the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe. Both meetings will be held in the Lower Level Conference Room at City Hall on South Cortez Street.

The City of Prescott is preparing for this winter’s ice and snow

According to Field and Facilities Director Stephanie Miller, the Street Maintenance Division has used a combination of cinders and a deicing agent to provide traction and to melt ice and snow on roadways. The deicing agent that’s used, Ice Slicer is also the product of choice throughout the state and by ADOT, the Yavapai County Road Division and the Coconino County Road Maintenance Division. Even though it was a fairly dry and warm winter last year, 35 tons of Ice Slicer and 140 tons of cinders were applied to Prescott streets. Fifty thousand dollars has been budgeted for the purchase of 400 tons of Ice Slicer. Miller adds this amount is more typical for a year with multiple cold weather events, which are anticipated based on winter weather predictions.

Make sure your fireplace is clean and in good repair to avoid a winter fire tragedy

The Central Yavapai Fire District is recommending you have your flues and chimneys cleaned in order to get rid of soot that can cause a fire. Fire Marshal Rick Chase says screens are a good investment. Chase describes the proper way to dispose of fireplace ashes. Yavapai County officials are urging residents to keep the top of the chimney clear of tree limbs and other debris. Always open the damper before lighting the fire and keep it open until the ashes cool. This will prevent the buildup of poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide.




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