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Ballots for ¼-Cent Sales Tax Renewal Due By May 15 Featured

By David McAtee May 08, 2018 429

Renewal of ¼-Cent Sales Tax Ballots are Coming In

If you have not already sent in your ballot for the extension of the existing ¼-cent sales tax, now is the time. The deadline to have the ballots returned is May 15, 2018. Postmarks do not count, the ballots MUST be returned by May 15, 7 PM.

The Yavapai County Voter Registration Department has started receiving ballot packages this week.  Once received the green envelopes are opened and the white envelopes are checked for a signature. The next step will be to verify that the signature on the envelope matches with the signature on record. 

The Voter Registration Department then transfers the packages to the Elections Department for further processing, but cannot begin the actual count until seven days prior to the election deadline. Security is paramount during each step, keeping all of the ballots behind locked doors, on camera and stored in locked security tubs during transport.  

If you have ever wondered why there was a hole in your Green return envelope, that is a simple method of ensuring that no ballot gets left in the green return envelope. If there is anything left in the green envelope, it will not slide down the red pole when stacked.  

To see this step in the process, go to Facebook.com/YavapaiCounty

If you did not receive your ballot call Voter Registration at 928-771-3248.  If you would like more information on the ¼-cent sales tax, go towww.YavapaiJail.com

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