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Smugglers Get Trickier Every Day Featured

By Lynne LaMaster December 13, 2015 650

It almost worked. 

It was in the Laredo, Texas sector, when a Border Patrol agent noticed a government vehicle that just didn’t look quite right. He followed the vehicle and coordinated with other agents in the area. They finally decided to stop the vehicle to check it out.

It turned out to be a cloned Tahoe, made to look like a Border Patrol vehicle. When the agents approached the vehicle, they noticed numerous subjects jammed inside. 

"A total of 12 illegal immigrants were found crammed inside the vehicle.  At that time the driver was placed under arrest,” reports the US Customs and Border Protection agency. "After further investigation, the agents determined that the four-door vehicle had been cloned to look like an official Border Patrol vehicle in an attempt to conceal a human smuggling attempt."

To a casual observer, this vehicle might have gone unnoticed, appearing to be a law enforcement vehicle conducting official business. 

“As we continue to monitor security along the border and in adjacent communities, smugglers have resorted to desperate measures to conduct their illicit business. The training, attention to detail and vigilance of our Border Patrol agents halted this human smuggling attempt.  We encourage public and private sector employees to remain vigilant and play a key role in keeping our country safe,” said Mario Martinez, Chief of the Laredo Sector Border Patrol. 

The incident is still evolving and currently under investigation.

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