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Senate President Karen Fann: We Are Going to Continue to Work Featured

“What is the number one important thing that we need to accomplish? We need to get people back to work, we need to get our businesses back up and going, we need to make sure that’s our priority right now."

"We are all learning from this: it’s like walking a tightrope,” Senate President Karen Fann said of COVID-19, adding, “Please remember, the pandemic is not over, folks.”

Fann (R, LD1), was giving her closing comments on the Senate Floor after the vote to Sine Die. “Every single one of our Senators on this floor, both parties, I know that everyone here wants to continue their work. That’s why they’re here… We’re not walking away, I promise you that. We are going to continue to work.”

“If we’re going to come back and we’re going to do major policy,” Fann said, "We won’t do it until the doors are fully open for the public and the media and everybody else to be here. Because we don’t do policy behind closed doors. We will do it when people can come in and sit next to each other and be in committee and they can talk."

According to Fann, the plan is to Sine Die and immediately start working on a special session(s), which Governor Ducey has promised to call.

Listen to her full comments here: 



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