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The more things change, the more they stay the same.


I'm reading a book now called A Patriot's History of the United States of America by Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen. Reading it reminds me that as much as things change, some things remain the same.

One of the founders of the modern Democrat Party, along with Andrew Jackson, was Martin Van Buren, who would later also become president. In the 1820s, Van Buren started a process that continues to this day. While other politicians of every leaning had used newspapers to advance their careers and policies, Van Buren developed this process into a science. He was so wily in his political dealings that he was given the nickname “The Red Fox of Kinderhook” which referred to his red hair and his home town. 

According to A Patriot's History Van Buren “learned to employ newspapers as no other political figure had, linking journalists' success to the fortune of the [Democrat] party.” Even some of those editors who benefited from Van Buren's money, thought that this was a dangerous course of action for our country. One of the Red Fox's friendly editors was a man named Duff Green. Green once wrote, “it is in vain to talk of a free press when the favor of power is essential in the support of editors, and the money of the people, by passing through the hands of the Executive, is made to operate as a bribe against liberty....”

Another of Van Buren's innovations was the spoils system. He first implemented it at the state level in New York and then at the national level when Jackson was elected President. Here are a couple of other quotes from A Patriot's History that apply as much today as they did back in the late 1820s and 1830s: “...the spoils system inordinately relied on a fiercely partisan (and often nasty) press to churn out reasons to vote for the appropriate candidate and to besmirch the record and integrity of the opponent.” and, “Under the new partisan press, all pretense of objective news vanished. One editor wrote that he saw it as irresponsible to be objective, and any paper which pretended to be fair simply was not doing its job.”

Today, while newspapers still hold some declining influence, they have been supplemented by network and cable news, as well as internet news sources. The vast majority of these current affairs outlets, just like in the Jacksonian era, are fiercely partisan to the Democrat party. 

In the last two weeks, these left wing zealots have proved beyond doubt that they care much more in savaging the President, than they care about the truth and the health of the people of our country. When President Trump mention at one of the pandemic press conferences the drug hydroxychloroquine “looked promising” in retarding or attacking the virus, the partisan hacks in all of the media went crazy and started broadcasting and printing that the President was promoting “snake oil” as a cure for the corona virus. They all used the same word, “snake oil”. At least we should be thankful, I suppose, for the fact that these left leaning lummoxes are transparent in showing us their idiocy by displaying such a lack of vocabulary. It doesn't matter to any of them that doctors are using this drug in conjunction with an antibiotic to great effect in many cases. Does anyone seriously think these partisans will ever retract or apologize for the snake oil comments?

It just goes to show you, that some things never change and that history does, indeed repeat itself. 



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Last modified on Sunday, 12 April 2020 05:13
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