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Opinion: This Crime Wave Is Brought To You By Leftist Ideologues Featured

The Crime Wave is Here

Wisdom is an attribute that is not appreciated in today's woke, politically correct culture. This became obvious some time ago when academia and many of the elite in politics, corporate business and the media started to denigrate and tear down any appreciation of Western Civilization. They did this by highlighting everything negative in our culture and history and minimizing or even failing to mention the positive. For example, they will accentuate the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and barely mention Pearl Harbor.

Fortunately, in our country, the First Amendment has not been so eroded as to stop those who wish to fight back against the tide flowing toward the left's Brave New World. In today's world, wisdom is found in the voices that speak against that tide. A man who's words I have read and listened to for years is Dennis Prager. He knows, recognizes, speaks and writes the truth, which is the essence of wisdom.

While reading Prager's book, The Rational Bible, Genesis, God, Creation and Destruction, in Chapter 46, I came across a sentence that is so true and timely to what is happening in today's America, it needs to be repeated. Like all truth it is timeless and universal. The quote is: “A society that meted out no punishment for crime would be overrun by crime.”

The proof of this truth is on display every day in almost every big city in our country, especially in those cities and counties that have elected so-called progressive prosecutors and local and state officials. Many of these left wingers were elected with money donated by George Soros, who hates the United States and will give his money to any group or candidate that will hasten its demise. These prosecutors publicly avow not to pursue what they generously call, “life style crimes”.

The net effect is that there is now no prosecution of crimes that prohibit urinating and/or defecating in public or using drugs in public. The result is the so called homeless encampments on public streets with these areas littered with toxic human waste and drug paraphernalia. To make a very bad situation even worse, the leftest politicians in those cities and states have decided to make life more dangerous for decent law abiding people.

These elected leftist ideologues have passed ordinances that make it impossible for police officers to arrest crooks for committing misdemeanor crimes. In many of these jurisdictions, all or most of those who commit misdemeanors and some felonies can't be jailed, they must be given citations instead. The law violators can keep committing the same crimes and never see the inside of a jail cell. These demented left wing prosecutors tell the public that it is unfair for a rich man to bail out when a poor man can't, so there is no bail for these “non-violent” crimes. These far left prosecutors say that they want to focus on violent crime. They have created a situation where violent crime is rising dangerously.

Their radical theories are the exact opposite of the “broken windows” theory that if you enforce laws against minor crimes, criminals will notice and there will be fewer major crimes. By not enforcing the misdemeanors, violent crime is on the rise. Tucker Carlson spewed out some frightening figures: last year Philadelphia had 359 murders, the most in 10 years. Baltimore had 348 murders the most since 1993. In 2014, Dallas had 116 murders and last year they had 200. Charlotte, North Carolina had 57 murders in 2017 and that went up to 108 in 2019. Washington, DC had 116 murders in 2017 and that rose to 166 in 2019.

The social justice warriors tell us that they are doing this to correct the inequities in our country. Their mantra is “Racism is endemic in the criminal justice system.” If they are fighting racism, though, how do they explain the fact that their polices are causing the murder of more and more racial minorities? It would seem that their ideology is much more important to them than the great increase in the number of dead minorities who have been murdered.



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Last modified on Sunday, 19 January 2020 19:23
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