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Opinion: Political Correctness Suppresses Free Speech Featured

Political correctnesss run amuck.

While growing up in LA, I was a huge Los Angeles Ram fan. When the Rams moved to Anaheim and the Raiders came to the Coliseum, I started rooting for the Raiders. Jim Plunkett didn't always throw the prettiest passes, but they were accurate and his competitiveness was a pleasure to watch. On the rare occasion he threw an interception, he was usually in on the tackle of the defender who caught the ball. Marcus Allen would hold all kinds of records if he hadn't been restrained by owner Al Davis.

When we moved to Prescott, my wife and I became Cardinal fans. Watching Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Curt Warner moving the football down the field was a thrill. Watching the Cardinal defense was a lot of fun. We remained football and AZ Cardinal fans even during the Cardinal mediocre seasons.

Then in August of 2016, Colin Kaepernick started kneeling during the National Anthem to protest alleged police brutality. The left wing sportscasters and media lionized Kaepernick as a courageous hero for disrespecting our flag. No one, not the coach or owner of the San Francisco 49ers or the NFL commissioner even suggested punishing him for this contempt for our flag. That would have been politically incorrect. Not surprisingly, other NFL players started doing the same.

It would have stopped the first week if someone in authority had had the intestinal fortitude to have fined Kaepernick or kicked him off the team. But that would not have been the politically correct thing to do, so other players started doing the same thing. We were so upset that no one in the NFL had the bravery to confront these millionaire cry babies that we have stopped watching NFL football and won't start watching again until someone apologizes to our military and our police officers and starts punishing those who disrespect the flag while working in the NFL.

In a similar vein, the National Basketball Association in January announced that they were moving away from the term “owner”, in favor of the word “governor” since the word owner is offensive to some people. Oh, please.

No one really knows when all of this political correctness started, but it was greatly exacerbated during the Obama administration. Many of those who criticized President Obama or his policies were branded as racists. If one expressed an opinion that was pro-life many in the so-called progressive left and media would deem that person a sexist. The same defamation, as well as several others, was used if one opposed biological males transexuals using female bathrooms.

Many otherwise popular comedians have stopped performing on college campuses because they are castigated for their once “main stream” comedy. A lot of this is the result of the victim mentality. The unpleasant truth of the matter is that one will never be equal and will always feel like a victim until that person is able to laugh at himself.

A close inspection of political correctness will unveil the fact that it is a tool of the left, progressive and “woke” minority to suppress the speech of the majority or anyone else with whom they disagree. They claim that some words and speech are “hurtful” or any number of other things that may cause the listener or reader to become upset. The cold hard truth is that the First Amendment was written to protect hurtful, unpleasant and upsetting speech.



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