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Forest Service Lifts Bald Eagle Closure Near Camp Verde Featured

Forest Service Lifts Bald Eagle Closure on the Verde River

PRESCOTT, AZ – June 28, 2019 - The Prescott National Forest will be lifting the closure order on the bald eagle nesting area along the Verde River, south of Camp Verde on Monday July 1st, 2019.  The Ladders Bald Eagle closure area is closed annually to the public from December 1 through June 30 in order to protect  bald eagles, a federally protected species, from disturbance during their breeding and nesting period. Nest site monitoring by the Arizona Game and Fish Department's Nestwatch program confirmed occupancy and successful reproduction of one young by the eagles.

The Ladders closure area is located south of Camp Verde along a two mile section of the Verde River and adjacent National Forest lands in the vicinity of the "Verde Falls" downstream to below Sycamore Canyon.  Roads now open to public use include Forest Road 9709R from its junction with Forest Road 574 and parts of Forest Road 500 and Forest Road 9244 south of Cottonwood Basin.

The Closure Order and the Bald Eagle Nestwatch Program are two of many management actions that agencies use to ensure that Arizona will always have bald eagles for the public to enjoy.  The Forest Service and the Arizona Game and Fish Department would like to thank the residents of the Verde Valley and of Arizona for their cooperation with this bald eagle closure area.

If you have any questions please contact Albert Sillas, Fisheries Biologist at (928) 567-4121.

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Last modified on Friday, 28 June 2019 09:03
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