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Sales, Menus & Recipes: Summer Salads Featured

Summer Salads are on the way.

I believe there will be summer.

Although it is cool and gray today, I think warmer weather is on the way, and soon we will be longing for a cooler day.

Good for either type of weather are the Slow Cooker and the Instant Pot. If the weather is warm, you can have a nice hot meal without further heating up your house and if it is cool, well you get a nice hot meal either in a hurry, or one that cooks while you work or do other things.

The ultimate summer food must be salad. Straight from your refrigerator to your plate, cool and crisp and luscious. Nothing wrong with a green salad, but try new combinations. Put in some blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or watermelon. Mix it up with cooked cooled asparagus, cauliflower or broccoli. Add some mango or oranges. Have it with some poppyseed dressing or crumble on the blue cheese and top with a fruity olive oil and some aged balsamic vinegar. Try a spicy olive oil and champagne vinegar. 

Special Sales this Week

Fry’s—Buy 5 or more participating items—Get $1 off on each item. Watch for special tags throughout the store, get 3X fuel points.

Safeway—2 full pages of Clip or Click coupons on items such as, Signature Select Beans, Tomatoes and Vegetables, $.48/each and Hillshire Farms lunchmeat, $2.99/each. 

Sprouts—Wants you to “Live Life Inspired” with Sprouts Brand items such as Organic Kombucha , 14 oz for $1.99 and Organic Gelato or other select frozen desserts at 25% off.
Also a 72 hour sale May 31-June 2.

Dairy Products

June is Dairy Month. We will be featuring special prices on dairy from each store every week in June.

Butter—$3.49/lb @Sprouts. Sprouts Brand. $1.88/8 oz @Safeway, Danish Creamery European Style, $2.50/lb @Safeway, Lucerne. $3.29/lb @Fry’s, Kroger.
Yogurt—$3.50/32 oz @Sprouts, Sprouts Brand, Greek Style. $.34/6 oz @Safeway, Yoplait regular. $4.99/32 oz @Fry’s, Chobani, Greek Style.
Cheese—$3.99/lb @Sprouts, in bulk, Colby or Hot Pepper Jack. $1.67/each @Safeway, Lucerne, slice, shred or bar, With clip or click coupon, limit 4. $2.49/6-8 oz @Fry’s, Tillamook or Sargento shredded, Buy 5 Sale.
Milk—$1.99/gal @Safeway, Shamrock, limit 2, select varieties.
Sour Cream—$1.99/16 oz @Safeway, Knudson. $1.99/16 oz @Fry’s, Kroger Brand.
Ice Cream—$1.99/48 oz @Safeway, Breyers. $2/16 oz @Fry’s, Private Selection. 
Eggs (not Dairy strictly speaking, but usually included)—$2.50/dz @Sprouts, Sprouts Brand Cage Free. $1.99/dz @Safeway, Open Nature Cage Free. $.49/dz @Fry’s, Fri. Sat., Sun. only, With Digital Coupon, Kroger Brand.

National Days This Week

Sunday June 2Rocky Road Day (see Ice Cream above) AND Rotisserie Chicken Day ($6.99/each @Sprouts
Monday June 3Egg Day (see Eggs above)
Tuesday June 4Cheese Day (see above)


Menu Ideas – Pick one item from each category: Main Dishes, Sides, Desserts


Grilled London Broil

How to Grill a London Broil
If using pin type tenderizer or stabbing with fork, best to wash and dry meat first to help keep bacteria from getting inside. Also 3 days! You’d better hope there weren’t any bacteria on it. But the marinating and grilling instructions are spot on.

Steak Tenderizing Experiment
i wish he had used a tough cut. Also, you need to adjust the marinating time depending on what you are using, and use a thermometer to test for doneness. But quite interesting.

Pot Roast

Slow Cooker Easy Pot Roast
Experts agree the best cut of beef for a pot roast is chuck, followed by round. It needs lots of connective tissue and fat.

Instant Pot Whole Chicken

VERY complete instructions suitable for beginning Instant Pot users. 


Turkey Skillet

For an easy and nutritious meal, brown a pound of ground turkey. Add a jar of your favorite pasta sauce or a can of diced tomatoes. Maybe some olives or sautéed mushrooms or onions, Serve over cooked pasta. Add a salad. 


Cucumber Salad

A great, quick salad for everyday or special meals. Use fresh dill if you can, otherwise dried is fine.

She is recommending Kirby cucumbers. I’ve never seen them here, but you can frequently buy mini ones at Trader Joe. I find an excess of cucumber skin to be a little upsetting, so I use my favorite peeler tp peel off half in strips before cutting. Remove seeds if you will be holding long, or leave them in if you will be eating immediately. 


Watermelon Salad

Roasted Garlic Potatoes

Carrots with Chives

Simple and Delicious


Rocky Road Ice Cream

Cherry Clafoutis

Mini Trifles



Beef, London Broil—$1.97/lb @Safeway, $3.99/lb @Fry’s
Beef, Steak—$5.97/lb @Fry’s, Strip.  $7.99 @Safeway, Strip or T-Bone  or Rib Eye. 8.99/lb @Sprouts, Top Sirloin Filet,
Beef, Roasts, Boneless—$2.97/lb @Safeway, Chuck, Cross Rib, Bottom Round
Lamb Shoulder Chops—$5.99/lb @Sprouts
Whole Chicken or Parts—$.67/lb @Safeway. $87/lb @Sprouts
Chicken B/S—$1.99/lb @Safeway, breasts, thighs, BOG2 @Fry’s, breasts $3.99/lb @Sprouts, tenders
Ground Turkey, lb pkg,—$2.99 @Fry’s Buy 5 Sale, Jennie O. $3.99 @Safeway. $4.99 @ Sprouts
Fish—$8.99/lb @Sprouts, Wild Alaskan Cod. $9.97/lb @Fry’s, Wild Sockeye Salmon


Cherries—$1.28/lb @Fry’s. $1.48/lb @Sprouts
Strawberries—$.75/lb pkg @Sprouts. $2.50/lb @Fry’s, (O), $3.99/2 lb box @Fry’s
Grapes—$.77/lb @Fry’s, black. $1.88/lb @Sprouts,green, red, black. 
Peaches—$.98/lb @Sprouts. $1.99/lb @Safeway
Red Raspberries—$.97.6 oz bx @Safeway. $3.99/12 oz box @Fry’s
Blackberries—$2.50/6 oz box @Safeway
Blueberries—$3.99/18 oz box @Fry’s
Watermelon, mini—$.97/each @Safeway. $.88/each @Fry’s. $2.50/ach @Sprouts.
Cantaloupe—$.88/eacb @Fry’s, AZ grown. $.98/each @Sprouts. $2.50/each @Safeway.

Red Bell Peppers—$.50/each @Sprouts
Green Bell Peppers —$.50/each @Safeway
Mini Sweet Peppers—$1.99/1 1b bag @Fry’s
Potatoes, Russet—$.50/lb @Sprouts, $2.98/5 ob bag @Sprouts, (O). $1.99/4 pk @Fry’s
Baby Peeled Carrots—$.98/1 lb bag @Sprouts
Cucumbers, Hothouse—$.98/each @Sprouts
Large Carrots—$2.98/5 lb bag @Sprouts, $.99/2 lb bag @Safeway
Cauliflower—$1.48/lb @Sproutsn,n (O)
Cucumbers—$.50/each @Safeway. $.68/each @Sprouts, (O)
Greens—$2.50/bag @Sprouts, Sprouts Brand, select var.. $10/3 bags @Safeway, salad kits, $.99/head @Safeway, Iceberg Lettuce
Tomatoes—$2.50/box @Safeway, Cherubs
Asparagus Spears—BOGO/10 oz pkg @Safeway.
Sweet Corn—$2/5 ears @ Fry’s


Classico Pasta Sauce—$1.99/jar @Safeway
Frozen Vegetables—$1/each @Fry’s, select varieties
Pastries—$1/box @Safeway, Mini Turnovers, 4 ct, Pastry Bites, 8m ct.
PowerAde—$.44/32 oz Safeway, limit 15, with clip or click coupon
Avocado Oil—25% off @Sprouts, Sprouts Brand
Olive Oil—$5.99/lt @Sprouts, Sprouts Brand
Cashews—$5.99/lb @Sprouts, Whole or Dark Chocolate



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