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Menus, Sales & Recipes: Memorial Day Featured

Memorial Day is a National Holiday now celebrated on the last Sunday in May, this year May 27. It honors all soldiers who gave their lives for their country. 

Decorating graves with flowers and mementos has a very long history. Around the time of the civil war it became a custom in many places to have a “Decoration Day” on a Sunday in late spring or early summer to honor and tend the graves of fallen soldiers. Gradually the date of May 30 became fixed and the name changed from Decoration Day to Memorial Day. 

Today ceremonies, parades and other events are common and the day is considered the unofficial beginning of the summer season. Foodwise it marks the beginning of the grilling season.

Special Days This Week May 22—Craft Distilleries Day. We actually have a craft distillery in Prescott, the Thumb Butte Distillery. For more information check out their web site at thumbbutedistillar.com
May 26—Blueberry Cheesecake Day
May 28— Hamburger Day
May 29—Coq au Vin Day

Special Sales this Week

Fry’s—Some good “Digital Deals” (for those who have the equipment and patience to use them) $.99/pkg, Keebler Coolies, $.99/pkg Kroger Ice Cream Sandwiches. There are a lot of pantry staples for $1/each. BOGO Sale, Tillamook Ice Cream, TGIFriday Appetizers, Kraft Shredded Cheese.

Safeway—$5 Friday on May 24. Many pantry items are on sale for $1/each. Just for U coupons, Sweet Corn $.05/ear (yes just 5 cents) limit 8 AND Kingsford Charcoal, $2.99 each limit 10, select varieties.

Sprouts—72 hour sale, Fri. May 24 through Sun. May 26. Features Sweet Corn $1/8 ears, Eggs $.88/dz. Hickman Family Farms.

Suggested Menu Items

Main Dishes


Hamburger/Hot Dog Bar

Grilled Steak

Grilled Shrimp
Good Technique and flexible

Veggie Burgers

Home made. If you need to freeze some, remember they have raw eggs in them, so freeze as quickly as possible, thaw in the refrigerator, and cook thoroughly.

Coq au Vin

Instant Pot Coq au Vin
Great explanations.

Slow Cooker Coq au Vin
Simple Recipe


Classic Potato Salad
Three ways—your choice

Corn Salad

Roasted Sweet Corn

Pasta Pesto Salad


Fruit Salad


Great technique and tips. 
before serving add topping of your choice. Raw fruit chopped, or fruit sauce are good.

Ice Cream
Fruit Plate

Items On Sale


Ground Beef—@2.97/lb @Safeway, 3 lb or more.  $2.99 @Sprouts, 72 hr sale. $3.97/lb @Fry’s, 2 lb pkg.
Hot Dogs—$$1.99/pkg @Fry’s, Johnsonville smoked. BOGO @Fry’s, Ball Park. $2.99/pkg @Safeway, Ball Park or Hebrew National. BOGO @Sprouts, Applegate (O) turkey or grass few beef, 72 hr sale.
T-bone Steak—$4.47/lb @Fry’s. $4.77/lb @Safeway. $5.99/lb @Sprouts.
Chicken—$1.47/lb @Safeway, B/S Breasts, at counter. $1.49/lb @Fry’s, split breasts. $1.99/lb @Sprouts, drums or thighs
Shrimp—$11.98/2 lb (5.99/lb bag @Sprouts, EZ Peel 13-15 ct Raw. $6.99/lb @Safeway, 16-20 ct. 
Pork Ribs—$1.97/lb @Safeway, Back or St Louis. $2.99/lb @Sprouts, Back or St Louis. BOGO @Fry’s, Back

Vegetables and Fruits

Potatoes—$1.99/4 ct tray @Fry’s, Russett. $.99/lb @Safeway
Corn—$1/8 ears @Sparouts, 72nr sale. $.05/ear @Safeway, with digital coupon
Cucumbers—$.50/lb @Sprouts
Bell Peppers—$.98/each @Sprouts, red, yellow orange. 
Tomatoes—$.98/lb @Sprouts, on-the-vine. $1.50/box @Sprouts, grape. @.99/lb @Safeway, Roma. $.99/lb @Fry’s, on-the-vine.
Carrots—$1.992/lb bag @Safeway, mini
Avocados—$.77/each @Fry’s, large. $1/each @Safeway, large, Fri only

Cherries—$1.28/lb @Sprouts. $2.99/lb @Safeway
Blueberries—$2.88/18oz box @Sprouts. $2.77/ 18 ox box @Safeway. $3/6 oz box @Fry’s (O)
Strawberries—$.75/1 lb box @Fry’s. $2.98/1 lb box @Sprouts (O). $3/1 lb box @Safeway.
Blackberries or Raspberries—$2.98/box @Sprouts, (O). $3/box @Safeway. 
Mangos—$.50/each @Sprouts. $.50/each @Safeway$.77/each @Fry’s. 
Oranges—$.98/lb @Sprouts, Cara Cara or Navel
Pineapples $2/each @Sprouts
Watermelon—$1.88/each @Sprouts, 72 hr sale. $1.99/each @Fry’s, $5/each @Safeway
Cantaloupes—$2/each @Sprouts. 

Other Bargains

Eggs—$.88/dz @Sprouts, Hickman Farms, 72 hr sale. $1.49/18 ct @Safeway, Lucerne
Fresh Baked Pies—$4.99/each @Sprouts, Fruit. $3.99/each @Safeway, apple. $2.99/each @Fry’s, with Digital Coupon, Fruit
8 piece Deli Chicken—$4.99 @Safeway, fried or baked. $5.99 @Fry’s, fried or baked. $6.99 @Sprouts, baked
Beans, canned—$1.79/each @Fry’s, Bush’s Best grilling or baked. $.88/can @Sprouts, (O)
Sodas/Water—$1.88/24 @Safeway, water.n $2.50/case @Fry’s, 12pk Coca Cola, Pepsi, 7-up, 32 case water @Fry’s, Must Buy 4
Olive Oil—$4.99/25.4 fl oz @Sprouts, Sprouts International or Single Varietal
Sour Cream, Cottage Cheese Or Dip—$!/16 oz carton @Fry’s
Ice Cream—$1.99/14 oz @Safeway, Hagen Das.

Bonus Recipe

This is called New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp, but it’s really a pan broil shrimp dish. Very detailed instructions, mostly relating to not overcooking your shrimp.

New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp


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