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Weather Warming Up This Week, But Still Chance of Showers Featured

By Dr. Mark Sinclair May 13, 2019 128

Sunny and warmer!

Weather Discussion:

We will finally see some warmer and sunnier weather today through Wednesday. There is a slight chance of afternoon showers or thunderstorms today and Tuesday.  Wednesday will be the warmest day of the week. Strong winds are possible Thursday ahead of a cold front that will bring cooler temperatures continuing into the weekend. There is a chance of showers Friday with mostly dry weather for the weekend.

Additional notes for the weather nuts out there:

Late spring and early summer is often windy over the desert southwest. This will be the case on Thursday. At this time of year, strong solar heating produces a turbulent boundary layer (the layer of the atmosphere in contact with the earth’s surface). This turbulent layer often extends to as high as 10,000 ft above the surface. Turbulence is a mixing process. Stronger wind higher up in the atmosphere is mixed down to the surface. After sunset, this boundary layer turbulence dies down so surface winds decrease. Later in the summer (July and August), the stronger westerly flow aloft is replaced by high pressure and lighter winds, so surface winds are typically lighter, except near thunderstorms.

Have a great week!




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