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Quad Cities Business Beat: Thirty-One Featured

Bags and organizers galore!

In case you weren’t aware, disposable and plastic...

grocery bags are on the way out. Now the push is to bring your own bag, and do we have a solution for you!

Lynette and Zach Hoyt, hosts of the Quad Cities Business Beat introduce Sarah Johnson, an independent consultant for Thirty-One.

Thirty-one has some of the coolest bags you’ve ever seen - including a purse with an exchangeable flap so you can make sure you are always in sync with the rest of your outfit. There are sling-back bags, insulated bags (great for the grocery store!) and so much more! Listen in as they say way more than you could ever imagine about, well, bags! The problem is that when they’re done, you’ll find you have questions that weren’t answered yet!

By the way, the bags are customizable! Cute sayings, initials, you name it, you can add it to your bag!

Check out their links and contact info here, and listen to the podcast below.

Sarah Johnson, Thirty-One: Website | Facebook |

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