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Breaking: AZ State Bar Dismisses Charge Against Representative David Stringer Featured

The Arizona State Bar has dismissed the charge against Representative David Stringer and consider the file to be closed.

When certain allegations against Representative David Stringer were reported by the Phoenix New Times, several questions were raised. One question was of particular interest to the State Bar of Arizona. 

Did Representative David Stringer adequately disclose information regarding a 1983 arrest when he applied to the State Bar of Arizona to practice law in Arizona?

This question resulted in a Bar Complaint against Representative Stringer. Stringer always maintained that he adequately disclosed the information at the time of his application. Unfortunately, there is no copy available of his Arizona Bar application.

When the original arrest took place in 1983, the Washington, DC Bar Association investigated the matter at the time, and dismissed any charges that would prevent Representative Stringer from practicing law. 

As part of their investigation, the State Bar of Arizona contacted the DC Bar Association and were assured they had investigated the matter and dismissed it then. 

Now the Arizona Bar has made the same determination, in effect, exonerating Representative Stringer.

Rick R. DeBruhl, the Chief Communications Officer for the State Bar of Arizona issued a press release, which included a copy of the letter from Bar Counsel Matthew E. McGregor to Representative Stringer’s attorney, Carmen Chenal, in which she is informed that the case has been closed. 

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Last modified on Thursday, 14 March 2019 17:51
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