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'A Good Landing' - Small Plane Crashes on Iron Springs Road Featured

"Any landing you walk away from, is a good landing," Tom Juliani said.

The pilot of a small plane, knowing that he was running out of fuel, couldn’t quite make it to Prescott's Ernest A. Love Airport. So, he attempted a landing on Iron Springs Road. 

"He was either a rockstar or really, really lucky," said John Stonecipher, CEO of Guidance Aviation. Stonecipher, who lives near Iron Springs Road, came to see the accident site. 

Tom Juliani, General Manager of Legend Aviation and the Chairman of the Airport Advisory Commission, agreed. "It was a good landing. There’s an old adage, 'Any landing you walk away from, is a good landing."

As the plane landed, it didn’t damage any buildings, hit any cars or injure anyone on the ground. By the time the Prescott Fire Department arrived (and they were on their way already) the pilot and two occupants were out of the plane and walking along the sidewalk. 

When Dr. Robin Sobotta, the City of Prescott Airport Director, arrived on the scene of the accident, she was relieved.

"It was the best possible outcome under the circumstances, and fortunately members of the community were not hurt," Sobotta said. 

Statement from the Prescott Police Department

Prescott Police Department issued the following statement from Deputy Chief of Police Amy Bonney:

Small plane makes emergency landing on roadway

On May 29, 2018 at approximately 9:12 PM the FAA at the Prescott airport contacted the Prescott Police Department regarding an inbound passenger plane, which was possibly running low on fuel and reporting the potential of an emergency landing.  Initial indications were that the pilot might attempt a landing in the area of State Route 89 and State Route 69. However, a short time later, the plane made an emergency landing near the 1500 block or Iron Springs Road. 

Responding personnel located a small Malibu Piper single nose-prop aircraft, which had in fact landed, in the middle of Iron Springs Road. The plane was carrying three individuals bound for Prescott from the Los Angeles area and the pilot indicated the plane had run out of fuel forcing the landing. It appears the plane may have struck a light pole in the area, causing the wing to shear off and the plane to roll onto its roof.

The pilot and the two passengers were transported to YRMC, West campus for non-life threatening injuries. Their current condition is unknown.

As the plane was landing, a vehicle stopped in the roadway and was rear-ended by another vehicle. No one sustained injury during that related crash.

The road way was closed for a period of time during the investigation, but is expected to be open before morning.

The investigation is ongoing and further efforts will be coordinated through the Prescott Airport Operations Team in conjunction with the FAA. 

Photo provided by Prescott Police Department


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