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Competitors For The 2018 Dancing for the Stars Announced Featured

The Second Annual Dancing for the Stars Fundraiser will Take Place on April 14th, 2018

PRESCOTT- It has been a little while since Jason Campbell was showing off his dancing skills on the floor at high school dances and raves during the 80's. Now, Campbell will be dusting off those clothes again as he joins nine new competitors for the 2018 Boys and Girls Club of Central Arizona Dancing for the Stars fundraiser.

“I’m just hoping to survive injury free, no pulled hammys (hamstrings) or anything like that,” laughed Campbell following the reveal on Thursday night, October 19th. “At 45-years-old, you got to watch that stuff.”

Basing off the ABC popular television show Dancing with the Stars, individuals are partnered with professional dancers in the community and the two will compete for the top-spot on show night. Campbell joins Carrie Hughes, who has extensive experience in the community performing at venues like Prescott Center for the Arts, as Hughes returns for her second year after dancing with Father Darrin Merlino in the inaugural event.

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“I’m looking forward to dancing with a new partner and bringing out his qualities and his talents to the stage,” Hughes said. “No one is going to know what we are going to reveal, it’s going to be wonderful.”

“I’m excited to be with Carrie,” Campbell added. “She did a great job last year with her partner and I’m sure she’ll bring some great things to the table.”

As a coach, Hughes not only teaches the technique of dancing but also the correct amount of time required to practice.

“We got plenty of time,” Hughes said. “I find in the theatre if you start too early and have it down, you can burn out. We want to keep that fire and that passion there.”

Also competing are Kiona Bell, Michelle Fain, Jaime Johnson, Elena Sanwick, Donna Werking, Corey Mendoza, Greg Mengarelli, Steve Pierce and Sam Shapiro.

The Dancing for the Stars event is an important fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Central Arizona that offers a place for children in the community to go after school and during the summer. In the May 2017 inaugural Dancing for the Stars fundraiser, over $130,000 was raised for the organization.

“I’ve got five kids of my own and I love the programs the Boys and Girls clubs put on in the community,” Campbell said. “It’s hard to say no when you have kids that use those programs.”

“Supporting the Boys and Girls Club is the main thing and helping kids out in any way with their future,” said Hughes about the decision to return for another year of competition. “Dancing is a gift that was given to me by the Lord and I’m just happy to share it with everybody and I love it.”

The second annual Dancing for the Stars fundraiser will take place on April 14th, 2018. According to the official website, tickets are expected to go on sale in November.



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