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How is Prop 123 Money Being Spent? Featured

By Mike Philipsen March 20, 2017 469

Sen. Lesko introduces bill to find out how schools are using Prop. 123 money

(Phoenix, State Capitol) --- Senator Debbie Lesko will testify in the House Committee on Education this afternoon to discuss SB 1178, which requires school districts and charter schools to annually report to the Office of the Auditor General the amount of monies received from annual inflation funding and from Proposition 123 and how the monies were spent.

Prop. 123 was passed by Arizona voters last year, and it is putting $3.5 billion into schools and giving local districts flexibility to use the money as they best see fit.

"This will give Arizonans a better idea of the needs and priorities for schools across the state. I've learned that there just isn't good information on how districts are using this funding, and I think it will benefit everyone to get this information out there," said Senator Lesko. "I'm sponsoring this bill to bring more transparency to the process. This is a lot of money, and I believe taxpayers want to know how their schools are spending it."

The House Education Committee meets after the House Floor Session in Hearing Room 1.

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