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Today: 23.May.2018
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Guess what? You now have a personal shopper at Walmart. You’re welcome.

Published in Arizona News

Three Arrested for Recent Fraud Scheme

Published in Arizona News

Walmart and the Walmart Foundation Announce up to $20 Million Toward Hurricane Harvey Relief and Recovery

Published in Arizona News

Walmart Teams Up With Prescott Valley Police Department To (PLAY – CATCH)

Published in Yavapai News

Tragedy Averted


If you were to ask any of the men and women standing uncomfortably in front of the Prescott Council meeting about the incident, they would say they were just doing their job. Thank God they were.

Published in Prescott Area
The 19th Annual "Shop with A Cop" Took Place on Saturday
Published in Arizona News
Catch Up on Last Week's News with FLASHBACK! 
Published in Arizona News

Arizona emerges unscathed by Walmart closures.

Published in Business & Tech

Walmart and the Walmart Foundation Announce $16 Million in Grants to Seven Nonprofits to Provide Training, Education and Career Pathways for U.S. Retail Workers

Published in Current News
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