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Today: 27.May.2018
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How did they vote? Arizona Representatives share their reasons for their vote on the American Health Care Act.

Published in Arizona News

A suspected felon is on the loose after a car crash.

Published in KQNA News

Arizona’s Senators Joined Their GOP Colleagues to Narrowly Approve a Measure That Is the First Step Toward Repealing Obamacare

Published in Arizona News

The President Is Not Officially Elected Until the 538 Electoral College Members Meet in Their State Capitals to Cast Their Ballots

Published in Arizona Politics
Yavapai Elections Department makes sure every vote Is counted and accurately tabulated.
Published in Yavapai News

Back to school shots for only $20 per child.

Published in KQNA News

Arizona’s Electronic Ballot Mailing System Was Updated in 2014 to Accept Returned Ballots Via Internet for Military

Published in Arizona Politics


This Petition Calls for a New Vote in Arizona’s Presidential Preference Election

Published in Arizona Politics

Statement From Governor Ducey On Yesterday’s Election

Published in Arizona News
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