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Today: 20.Jun.2018
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Planning to travel this weekend? Expect gas prices to be much higher than one year ago.

Published in Arizona News

Time To Explore Guatemala City

Published in Columns

Planning a trip? No worries, you can access your Social Security account from anywhere.

Published in Opinion

Snowy weather in Northern Arizona

Published in KQNA News

New TSA Notices at Airports Don't Affect Arizonans

Published in Arizona News

Advance preparation is the best chance for survival.

Published in Arizona News

ADOT’s advice: Research conditions, slow down and delay travel if necessary

Published in Arizona News

Summer Travel Season Kicks Off with a Warning about Online Hotel Booking Scams

Published in Arizona News

Air Travel Hit Record Highs Last Year, but Passenger Complaints were Also Up to the Highest Level in Years, with One of the Main Complaints Being About Fees


Published in Current News

Homeland Security Certification Guarantees Current IDs Until October 2020

Published in Arizona News
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