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Today: 18.Jul.2018
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Mines, Schools and Airports.

Published in KQNA News

President-Elect Donald Trump’s Nomination of School-Choice Champion is Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education 

Published in AZ Education

Educators Welcomed the Flexibility in the Federal Standards for Implementation of the New Every Student Succeeds Act, Saying It Recognizes the “Tremendous Diversity” of Schools in the State

Published in AZ Education

Arizona has the Highest Percent-Change Cut in Education Funding From 2008 to 2014, More Than Any Other State


Published in AZ Education
One Form of School Choice Remains Undefeated in Court
Published in Opinion

Wildfire Community Preparedness Month

Published in KQNA News
Governor Ducey Kicks Off National Fitness Champion Campaign To Tackle Childhood Obesity
Published in Arizona News
Governor Ducey Says No. But, Then Again, Yes.
Published in AZ Education


Arizona McDonald’s are Working with School Children to Turn Used Coffee Grounds into Compost for Community Gardens

Published in AZ Education
Superintendent Douglas Supports Seal of Biliteracy Legislation by Senator Carlyle Begay
Published in AZ Education
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