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Today: 22.Jun.2018
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Want a foolhardy garden? This column is for you.

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The last possible date for frost in Arizona. How to protect plants from cold nights. Possible freeze and frost warnings and what they mean for the garden. When to start spring planting. Free gardening classes at Watters Garden Center.

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Why Flowers Die & How to Keep Them Alive

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Flowers designated to celebrate birth months.  Blooms for especially significant birthday gifts.

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DIY landscaping tips, tricks and resources.

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A butterfly garden in your landscape.  List of plants butterflies find irresistible.  Designing and building a butterfly habitat.   

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Plants that rarely need water. Easy to care for Yavapai friendly plants.
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July is National Blueberry Month, and also the month to add new blueberry plants to mountain gardens.

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Every flower gardener can provide a link in the life chain of this threatened butterfly.

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Summer flowers that thrive when temps are over 90º

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