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Today: 23.May.2018
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It’s a list of the best mountain roses. 

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Release ladybugs in your garden for all-natural pest control.

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Ken Lain, the Mountain Gardener talks gardening, monsoons, and container gardening. 

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Easy-to-grow plants that always attract butterflies to the garden. Attracting more magical butterflies to your garden. Locals love pollinators.

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Tiny flowers bring fragrance and beauty.

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Simple feng shui elements to bring happiness and joy to any garden.  Making your home feel better through feng shui.  

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Flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Milkweed's advantages to  landscapes.  Water to attract birds to the yard. Birds' top favorite flowers. 
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How many, how much space? 

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Free landscape classes, desert plants, and activities at the Glendale Garden Gathering

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Symptoms of sick plants lacking nutrients, food, and water. What the experts say about plant health and keeping gardens blooming, green, and productive. The inside scoop to what ails your yard.

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