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Today: 24.May.2018
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Three Arrested for Recent Fraud Scheme

Published in Arizona News

37-year-old Mark Steven Behlke Committed Criminal Fraud In Several Businesses Throughout Arizona

Published in Arizona News

Cottonwood Police and Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office worked quickly to recover an elderly couple’s money. 

Published in Arizona News

Beware of Hurricane Harvey charity scams.

Published in Arizona News

Be cautious when purchasing that too-good-to-be-true used vehicle. Title fraud among most common scams involving private sales.

Published in Current News
A New Report Says the IRS is Less Likely Than It Has Been in Years to Refer a Taxpayer for Criminal Prosecution for Tax Fraud
Published in Business & Tech

The score: Potential IRS Scam Victim-1(Won) / Scammer- 0

Published in Current News

Kicks Off Arizona Consumer Protection Week March 6-11

Published in Current News

 AG Brnovich Seeks Contempt of Court Order Against Used Car Dealer 

Published in Phoenix
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