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Today: 21.Jun.2018
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Yavapai Exceptional Industries Expands Headquarters, Adding Activity and Ancillary Services Center

Ron Aguilera Personifies the “People First” Initiative of Working with Disabled Adults
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Ron Aguilera is a True Believer in the Power of Work to Transform Lives


Published in Non-Profits

What would you do if trash was blown on to your property? Would you clean it up yourself? Point your finger and blame someone else? Or, recycle the situation by turning the trash into jobs for disabled adults, the homeless and U.S. Military Veterans? The latter is exactly what the Fain Signature Group is doing.

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Executive Director of Yavapai Exceptional Industries (YEI!) Brad Newman will be one of the featured artists in the 2016 Howling Coyote Tour, hitting several venues in Northern California July 15 to 24

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Highlighting the Relationship Between QCOffice and YEI!
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Taking Production Partnership to a Whole New Level: When YEI!’s Production Technicians Help from Within
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Creating Independence and Pride at Yavapai Exceptional Industries

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