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Today: 23.Apr.2018
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Arizona Politics
Arizona Politics (201)

Election in November Brings New Voting Requirements in Many States Including Arizona


Arizona Supporters & Opponents Weigh In on Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton

Arizona Supporters & Opponents Weigh In on Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump



Sen. John McCain Releases Statement Condemning GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s Reaction to the Criticism He Received by the Immigrant Family of a Muslim U.S. Soldier Who Died in Battle


Meluskey said he wants to, “…clear the way for the defeat of John McCain."


Jerry Emmett Travels to Democratic National Convention to Name Hillary Clinton 2016 Nominee


First Lady Michelle Obama Spoke On the Opening Night of the Democratic National Convention Following a Day Dominated by Talk of DNC Email Leaks

Lunn is One of 12 Arizona Delegates with a Disability Under the Democratic “Affirmative Action” Plan

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