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Today: 25.Apr.2018
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Moral of the story: Do not take photos of your paycheck (or any other check) to post in social media. Duh.

This video was released by the House Oversight & Reform Committee


Washington, D.C. ­– U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) spoke Thursday on the floor of the Senate about the crisis on our southern border and the Democrats’ refusal to allow a vote on any amendments aimed at addressing this serious national problem. Senator McCain had filed the legislation he introduced with Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), called the Children Returning on an Expedited and Safe Timeline Act (CREST Act), as an amendment, but Majority Leader Harry Reid refused to allow a vote on it. Learn more about the provisions of the CREST Act here.


NAZToday covers Levi Wallace's funeral. 

A fund has been set up for the four families to help with expenses: GoFundMe

According to the GoFundMe site, "The proceeds will be deposited into a non profit bank account set up specifically for this purpose by friends and believers and ALL proceeds will be distributed to the families on August 31st, 2014."

Senator Jeff Flake discusses legal issues and loopholes surrounding the children coming to the United States, providing insight as to why they are not being immediately deported. He also explains why he is not in favor of the President's latest proposal.


Gregg Payne, a nationally known artist and sculptor left his phone by the killdeer eggs.

Gregg makes Teleidoscopes, giant Chimes and paints amazing murals - just to tweak your curiosity.


Harlan Bearhand takes his last ride at the World's Oldest Rodeo.

The 2014 World's Oldest Rodeo gets underway tonight.


It's always fun to watch the Crowning of Royalty!


Not everyone involved in the World's Oldest Rodeo is a champion roper or bronc rider.

It takes a lot of people behind the scenes to pull it off. 


At the time of this video, Cole was at the top of his college game.

And he's still one to watch.

This year, he won the Wrangler Champion's Challenge, and was in the NFR last year.

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