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Today: 22.Apr.2018
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House Science, Space, and Technology Committee Chairman Lamar Smith Names Rep. David Schweikert Chairman of Environment Subcommittee


Rep. Paul Boyer, R-Phoenix, stands on the border between Israel and Lebanon.


Urges federal government to re-start operations

(Phoenix, State Capitol)—Anxious to explore new solutions to Arizona’s long-term water supply challenges, State Senator Gail Griffin joined representatives from the Central Arizona Project on a tour of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s Yuma Desalting Plant to learn more about the facility and the viability of desalination as new source of water for the state.

“As chairman of the Senate Government and Environment Committee, I am keenly aware of the importance of water to our state’s economy and enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about an existing desalination facility here in Arizona,” Griffin explained. “While thoughtful planning and policymaking have protected Arizona from the kinds of water shortages faced in other states like California, it is important to explore new sources of water to ensure that our economy and our population continue to grow.”

Senator Griffin’s tour included a comprehensive examination of the facility’s operations, including reverse-osmosis membranes through which Yuma area agricultural drainage water is filtered so that it can be returned to the Colorado River as part of the treaty obligations between the United States and Mexico.  The plant is designed to treat about 100,000 acre feet of water per year, saving about 75,000 acre feet of Colorado River water annually.

While those treaty obligations remain in force, the Bureau of Reclamation has refused to operate the facility since 1993, choosing instead to divert water to Mexico directly from the Colorado River, leading to an 100,000 acre-feet per year reduction in the water supply in Lake Mead. Because of Arizona, and specifically, CAP's junior priority, this loss of water puts Arizona's Colorado River water supply at increasing risks of shortage. .

“The Yuma Desalting Plant was constructed by the federal government to comply with a treaty we entered into with Mexico,” Senator Griffin explained. “It’s disappointing that the federal government has chosen to bypass those obligations by taking additional water from Lake Mead.  Instead of operating the desalting plant, the federal government's actions put Arizona's Colorado River water supplies at risk.”

If the federal government were to operate the desalination plant, enough water would be conserved to provide over 250,000 residents with water each year.

“Since many areas of the state require a 100-year assured supply of water in order to develop property, it is critical for Arizona to secure additional supplies of water. The Yuma Desalting Plant has the potential to play a pivotal role in the future of Arizona’s water supply portfolio.”


APA Holds Press Conference to Voice Support For Speaker Andy Tobin for Congress

Candidate packets for 2014 Tempe City Council available starting today

Pima, Thatcher, and Safford Mayors Endorse Speaker Andy Tobin for Congress


Speaker Andy Tobin, who is running against incumbent Ann Kirkpatrick for the Congressional District 4 seat, has been endorsed by three key Mayors in Graham County, including Thatcher's Democrat Mayor, Bob Rivera. Three Graham County Supervisors have also unified behind Speaker Tobin earlier this week. 

"I am proud to support Andy Tobin for Congress.  As a Democrat Mayor in Graham County, we don't always see eye-to-eye on every issue,” said Thatcher Mayor Bob Rivera. "However, Speaker Tobin has always considered my point of view and we have usually found some common ground. He has shown that he fights for the people of Thatcher in the Arizona legislature. That is why I am endorsing Speaker Tobin for U.S. Congress. I believe he will take this desperately needed spirit of bipartisanship to Washington.”

"The Town of Pima is one of the smallest incorporated communities in Arizona. However, Speaker Tobin has always advocated for us in the State Capitol,” said Pima Mayor George Lemen. “Speaker Tobin has always supported legislation that stopped the Department of Revenue from abusing its power, including his successful billion-dollar tax cuts and the balancing of Arizona’s budget. That's why I'm endorsing Andy Tobin for Congress."

"It is my sincere pleasure to endorse Andy Tobin for Congress,” said Safford Mayor Chris Gibb. “He has always advocated for Safford's efforts to have the federal government honor their commitments under the Gila River Water Settlement, allowing us access to our own water source. We need Andy in Congress to finish the job. We all need to help Andy in his effort to replace Ann Kirkpatrick in Congress… again."

“The outpouring of support that we feel coming from Graham County this week is very empowering to me,” said Speaker Andy Tobin. “Rural Arizona is the backbone of the state. Rural Arizonans are the lifeblood of our industrial and agricultural economies. To have the support of Mayors Rivera, Lemen, and Gibb along with three Graham County Supervisors earlier in the week tells me that our conservative message is connecting with Arizonans across the state. It is my mission to take Arizona’s fight to Washington. I do not take for granted the trust that these great leaders have bestowed upon me."



Speaker Andy Tobin announces run for Congress. 

What safeguards should be put in place to protect Arizona citizens' identity?

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