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Sunday, 13 October 2013 08:17

A Grand Project: Helping Small Businesses and Employees at the Canyon

Barry Barbe
A Grand Project A Grand Project

Help us out with a Grand Project!

We are all well aware of the current Government debacle that has created the closure of all national parks.

Not only are visitors and tourists affected by this closure, but there are a multitude of small business owners, employees, and families dependent on income from these attractions.

While the government has promised back wages to 800,000 federal workers, there is no recourse or assistance for individuals not unlike ourselves who work for these small businesses.

As a private business owner who has been affected by forced short term closures in the past, I know firsthand the devastating effect these situations can have.

Over the Columbus Day Weekend, Prescott and surrounding areas stand to see an increase in traffic due to visitors who have changed their itinerary and will be visiting Prescott, Flagstaff, and other areas until the Grand Canyon is reopened.

In partnership with St. Mary's Foodbank, El Gato Azul will be collecting monetary and food donations to assist with feeding and assisting those affected by the current crisis.

Beginning on Friday until close of business on Monday, October 14th, you can drop of food or monetary donations at El Gato Azul, located at 316 W. Goodwin in Prescott.

This is great opportunity for our community to "pay it forward" and help those that have been sidelined and unassisted. Indeed a Grand Opportunity.

Please join us in letting these folks know that they are not alone.


Barry L. Barbe 
Proprietor, El Gato Azul

For more information on St. Mary's or to make a direct donation: 


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