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Today: 22.May.2018
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Tuesday, 13 February 2018 13:53

Prescott Man Arrested as Suspect in Texas Cold Case Murder Featured

Officer Dave Fuller

Prescott Man Arrested On Texas Warrant

On 1-30-18 Prescott Police Department Investigators received contact from the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office in Texas asking for investigative help in locating Larry Moore, a 65 year old man.  Moore was believed to be living in Prescott with his wife.  Bexar County was attempting to locate Moore in reference to a ‘Cold Case Homicide’ which had occurred in 1987.

Driver’s license information revealed that Moore had a listed address on Cory Avenue, in Prescott.  On 2-6-18, Bexar County personnel notified the Prescott PD that Moore now had a valid warrant for his arrest.  

On 2-9-18 at approximately 9:50 AM, Prescott Police Department personnel contacted Moore in the parking lot at 1044 Willow Creek Rd and he was taken into custody without issue.  Moore is confined to a wheelchair, so due to this disability, prior arrangements with the YCSO had been made and they responded and assisted by transporting Moore to the jail.

Moore was booked into YCSO for the Texas warrant in reference to the Capital Murder charge.

Link to information about the cold case homicide

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