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Today: 22.May.2018
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Sunday, 21 January 2018 01:34

Bill's Newscast: Water Info Featured

It’s looking to be a very water-aware year.

The City of Cottonwood has achieved all time low water use. City officials say the Arizona Department of Water Resources annually tracks the rate of water usage for providers around the state. The total gallons per capita daily use is calculated and tracked. At the end of 2017, the total was 85 gallons of water use per person per day. This represents one of the lowest gallons per capita daily use totals for a municipality in Arizona. Officials add this reduction can be attributed to conservation efforts implemented by the city and its continual investment in upgrades to the water delivery system. This has improved the efficiency of the system and reduced the lost and unaccounted for water in the Cottonwood area associated with faulty meters and leaks.

Learn about what Governor Doug Ducey has planned for the next Fiscal Year Budget. Following the release of the Governor’s Executive Budget and a public briefing held at the Capitol last week, the Governor’s Office has announced it will hold public briefings across Arizona. Director of the Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting Matthew Gress will present the budget and take questions. A briefing will be held in the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors Hearing Room on Fair Street in Prescott at 9 Monday morning. A second briefing will be held at 1 that afternoon in the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce boardroom on historic Route 66. Highlights of the Governor’s budget plan include investment of 284 million dollars in Kindergarten through 12th Grade education and a cap on payments to private prison operators in order to provide additional dollars to public education.

A Cottonwood man has been arrested after he allegedly fired his handgun in his neighborhood. Cottonwood Police officers were called to North 15th Street for a report of shots fired at around 8:30 Tuesday night. Witnesses reported they heard multiple shots fired near their residence and then saw 63 year old Bobby Coffman walking from a nearby field carrying a small gun. Officers approached Coffman’s home and he came outside. He was detained after he was found to have a gun in his jacket pocket and a cup of beer in his hand. Five shell casings that matched the ammunition in Coffman’s gun were located in the field where witnesses reportedly saw him. During an interview with Cottonwood Police, Coffman admitted to drinking alcohol prior to popping off rounds. He explained he just wanted to shoot his gun.

The City of Prescott has kicked off its series intended to share water information with the community. The first meeting in the Drop by Drop series was held Wednesday afternoon. Following comments from City Manager Michael Lamar, Water Resources Manager Leslie Graser presented the meeting schedule for this year before audience members were invited to ask questions. Graser says this educational series is off to a good start. Graser explains why the City of Prescott has decided to hold these meetings. A presentation will be made on the third Wednesday of each month at noon at the Prescott Public Library on Goodwin Street. The February 21st topic will be Prescott’s urban water cycle.

A Cottonwood man has been arrested for alleged sexual conduct with a minor. Officers had received information last weekend from Phoenix Police a 15 year old runaway was believed to be in the company of a man she had been communicating with online. Officers later identified the man as Aelynn Peytekewa, but they were unable to locate him or the teen. Sergeant Monica Kuhlt says Peytekewa had brought the girl to Cottonwood, but when he realized the police were after him, he took her to Prescott. An investigation has revealed the 2 were in a sexual relationship. Cottonwood Police Detective Aaron Scott says he’s glad the girl was found safe. Kuhlt credits the teen’s parents’ persistence in helping police find their daughter. On Wednesday, Cottonwood Police and Yavapai County Sheriff’s Detectives executed a search warrant on Peyketewa’s home. Additional evidence was located and he was arrested without incident for 8 counts of sexual conduct with a minor. Kuhlt explains the suspect’s brother Jayd was arrested last year on similar charges, so investigators are looking into possible links. Jayd Peytekewa is awaiting sentencing for luring a minor for sexual exploitation and failure to register as a sex offender.

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