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Tuesday, 03 October 2017 08:51

Prescott Transfer Station Finds Medical Biohazard Waste Featured

Jeff Jones, Prescott Fire Department

Medical/Biohazard Waste Found at Prescott's Transfer Station

On Saturday morning about 8:45 AM, Prescott Fire Dept. 911 dispatch received a call for a semi truck trailer that had numerous vials of blood disposed of in the trash. The trailer was parked over at the Prescott city's transfer station at 2790 Sundog Ranch Road. The initial arriving fire engine was met by a transfer station employee who described about 15–20 vials of blood or other medical waste that have been discarded in the trash. After doing research and determining the best course of action, Prescott Fire Dept. officials decided to remove the vials of blood and secure those for proper disposal. The remaining waste was very low-grade biohazard and it was determined that could be disposed of by normal transfer station protocol. That would allow all of the waste to be contained with the least amount of impact on persons and the environment.

Last modified on Wednesday, 04 October 2017 04:49
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