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Tuesday, 22 August 2017 06:35

City of Prescott Letter Regarding Kirkland Mine Concerns Featured

John Heiney

The City of Prescott declines to offer support for the proposed Kirkland Mine.

PRESCOTT, AZ (August 21, 2017) – The City of Prescott has received numerous contacts from concerned citizens about the proposed re-opening of the Kirkland mine.   At their meeting on July 25, City Council unanimously agreed to send a letter stating the City’s concerns, and those of their citizens.

In a letter dated July 26, 2017, signed by Mayor Harry B. Oberg, the City stated the following concerns:

  • The heavy truck traffic associated with this project will exacerbate existing traffic and public safety issues at/around Abia Judd Elementary School and Granite Mountain School (at/around the intersection of Iron Springs and Williamson Valley Roads).
  • The influx of heavy truck traffic will place an additional enforcement burden on Prescott Police Department’s already spread thin Traffic Division; and beyond the obvious speeding and congestions concerns, there is also the potential for dust issues with improperly covered loads.
  • The public health issues related to dust from both hauling and product production.
  • The number of trucks and their heavy loads will take their toll on the City’s aged road system.

In the letter, Mayor Oberg went on to state: “In sum, we (at the City) certainly understand and support regional commerce but the negative externalities associated with this prospective project are too numerous and impactful to garner our support. Furthermore, if this project does come to fruition, we respectfully request that at the very least the interested parties pursue rail as an alternative hauling methodology.” 

In recent written communications to concerned citizens, the City has stated:

“The Prescott City Council shares our citizens’ concerns about the Kirkland Mine Project.  The City of Prescott will continue to monitor the situation, and will respond further if necessary.”

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