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Today: 16.Jul.2018
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Thursday, 03 August 2017 12:51

On Sale This Week: Strawberries Featured

Can’t find a better price on strawberries this week than at Fry’s.

Fry’s continues its Buy 5 Save $5 Sale. This is the last weekend to get Fry’s 2x fuel point deal.

Safeway is having an Anniversary Sale. As part of the celebration Safeway will be giving 4x Gas Reward Points on selected items. If you see 4x after the description below, the items is part of this promotion. You may need the special coupon from the ad to get this reward. Watch for special shelf tags if this is useful to you.  See sale prices below.

Back to School Sales continue. PUSD schools begin this Thursday, August 3. Most others will either start the same day, or will begin next week. Time to start watching out for kids and leaving a few minutes early if you’re going out in the morning. It’s amazing how much traffic increases when school is in session.

As always, prices are for this area and for Safeway and Fry's will require at least a Club Membership card. Some may require digital coupons as well. We try to indicate all restrictions, special conditions etc. Sprouts does not require any cards and does not have any special savings days. Every week Sprouts has double ad Wednesday, when you get last week’s and this week’s ad prices. All three stores have digital savings available to those with appropriate accounts, go to their web pages for details and directions. Fry’s at least will give you the advertised digital price if you state you do not have the necessary technology. Safeway sometimes has coupons which you can access digitally or clip out of the ad.


Deal of the Week
$.87/pkg—Strawberries, 1 lb pkg

But what to do with those berries? Besides just eating and putting on ice cream. Well—

Easy Cheesecake in a Jar

This looks way cool—I’d add a little lemon juice or liqueur

Chocolate covered strawberries

$.99/each—Bell Peppers, Red, Yellow or Orange
$.40/each—Olathe Sweet Corn ears
$1.29/lb—Peaches or Nectarines, yellow
$1.99/lb—Red Cherries
$1.99/lb—Brussels Sprouts

Buy One Get Two FREE—Beef, Petite sirloin steaks, boneless, super value pack
$1.79/lb—Pork, Assorted chops, super value pack
$1.29/lb—Turkey Breast, Honeysuckle, frozen
$1.29/lb—Chicken, drumsticks or thighs, bone in, fresh, Heritige Farm
$2.99/lb—Pork, Chops, center cut
$3.99/lb—Pork, Tenderloin, boneless, Fresh and Natural

Other Good Deals
$1/each—Oscar Mayer Lunchables, select varieties
$1/each—Vitaminwater or Vitaminwater Zero
$.89/each—Michelina’s Entrée OR Banquet Pot Pies, both select varieties
$2.50/each—Mission Tortillas, 8 ct, select varieties

Buy 5 Save $5, buy participating items in multiples of 5, price given reflects sale price
$.49/each—Calidad Tortilla Chips, select sized and varieties

$1.49/each—General Mills Cereal, select varieties and sizes
$.99/each—Snapea Crisps, in the produce department
$.99/each—oFruit Snacks by Betty Crocker, select varieties and sizes
$1.49/each—Kroger Brand Cheese, select varieties and sizes, 
$1.99/each—Doritos or Ruffles, select sizes and varieties
$1.49/each—Odwalls juice, 16.2 oz, in produce department

Back To School
$.17/each—Twin Pocket Portfolios
$.49/each—Crayola Crayons OR Top Flight composition books
$.89/each—Filler Paper, 150 sheets, college or wide rule
$1/each—School Gluesticks, Elmers, 3 ct


Deal of the Week

Buy One Get Three Free—Beef, Chuck, tender fillets (small steaks from the so called “chuck fillet”, one of the smaller muscles that makes up the chuck), boneless, family pack. This cut will probably need some tenderizing. Suggestions are shown below.

Here’s an easy method many swear by

A two step method for those really tough cuts


$.39/lb—Dole Bananas
$.99/each—Russet Potatoes, 5 lb bag
$.69/each—ears of sweet corn
$.50/bunch—Cilantro OR Green Onions
$1.69/lb—Zucchini or Yellow Squash, ORGANIC
$3.99/pkg—Strawberries, 16 oz pkg, ORGANIC
$2.99/lb—White Peaches or Nectarines


$1.29/lb—Chicken, Split Breast, Drums, Thighs or Leg quarters, bone in, jumbo pack
$1.99/lb—Pork, boneless sirloin chops or bone in country style ribs, family pack
$2.99/lb—Pork, Center cut loin chops, bone in, value pack
$2.77/lb—Beef Roasts, boneless, Cross Rib, Bottom round, eye of round or tip, or family pack
$9.99/lb—Sockeye Salmon, fillets, fresh, wild caught, Alaskan, subject to availability

Other Good Deals

$.17/each—Ramen, Maruchan, noodle soup, select varieties, 4x
$50/each—Yogurt, Yoplait, select varieties, 4x
$.88/each, Sparkling Ice, water, 4x
$1/each—Banquet Pot Pies or Jose Olé Burritos and Chimichangas, select varieties
$1/each—Tuna, Chicken of the Sea, chunk white 5 oz., select varieties , 4x
$1/each—Bush’s baked beans, 8.3 oz select varieties 
$.99/each—Eggs, Lucerne, 12 ct, Limit 2
$1/each—Betty Crocker, Cake Mix, Frosting, Brownie Mix
$1.25/each—Canned fruit, DelMonte, select varieties, 4x


Deal of the Week

$9.99/lb—Jumbo Sea Scallops, Wild Caught, previously frozen, Limit 4 lb
Now I know $9.99 seems like a lot for a deal of the week, but you won’t see them at this price again. How to prepare them? Here are 3 ways, elaborate is not necessary here.

Basic scallop searing

Barbecue Pit Boys do scallops


$.34/each—Sweet Olathe Corn
$.75/each—Jumbo Cantaloupes
$.88/lb—Grapes, Green, seedless
$.88/each—Bell Peppers, Red, Yellow or Orange
$.98/lb—Northwest Yellow Peaches
$.98/each—Baby Peeled Carrots, 1 lb bag OR Bunched Spinach
$1.98/lb—Northwest Apricots
$3.00/each—Chopped Salad Kits, Taylor Farms, select varieties

Organic Produce

$1.28/lb—Italian Squash
$1.50/lb—Apples, Pink Lady
$2.50/each—Mini Sweet Peppers, 1 dry pt.
$2.50/each—Mini Seedless Watermelon
$2.88/lb—Grapes, Red, Green or Black, seedless
$2.50/each—Strawberries, 1 lb box or Blueberries, 6 oz box


$2.49/lb—Pork, sirloin chops, boneless
$3.99/lb—Ground Beef, Grass Fed, value pack, Limit 4 packages
$3.99/lb—Marinated Pollo Asado, prepared fresh daily in store
$3.99/lb—Chicken Tenders, boneless, skinless, value pack
$3.99/lb—Beef, Rump roast, Arizona Grown
$7.99/lb—Beef, New York Steak, boneless, Arizona Grown, limit 4 packages

Seared Scallops with corn cream, looks really good

Other Good Deals

$.50/each—Yogurt, Tillamook regular, select varieties
$.99/each—Macaroni & Cheese, Annie’s, select varieties, get boxtops for schools
$.99/lb—Rice, White Jasmine, in bulk foods
$1/each—Caveman Nutrition Bars—Select Varieties
$2/each—Soup or Snacks, Annie’s, select varieties, get boxtops for schools
$1.99/lb—Sunflower seed kernels, raw, roasted, salted, unsalted, in bulk foods
$2/each—Wide Pan Breads, Market Corner, select varieties, in bakery
$3.50/lb—Turkey breast, reduced sodium or homestyle, in Deli cooler, pre packaged

Vitamins and Body Care

Get 25% off all products from the following companies: Natrol, Childlife, Smarty Pants, UP4 Probiotics, Everyone
Get 25% off products featuring Omega 3 fatty acids, including Sprouts brand Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds, Select Brands, Sizes and Varieties. 

72 Hour Sale, Friday Saturday and Sunday, August 4-6.
$.75/each—Blueberries, 6 oz. box
$.34/each—Haas Avocados
25%off—Bulk Dried Fruit, select varieties
$1.99—Sprouts Drinking Water
$2.99/lb—Pork, Back or St. Louis style ribs, limit 4 packages

Great Avocados

Ever wonder how to pick a great avocado? Here are two methods. (I actually combine both methods.)

The stem nib approach:

The gentle squeeze approach:

Do you have a different way? Tell us in the comments below!


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