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Today: 18.Jul.2018
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Monday, 24 July 2017 13:55

Bill's Newscast: Back to School Featured

It’s getting close to back to school time!

Prescott to consider Entertainment District in Downtown Area

The Prescott City Council meets at 1 tomorrow afternoon to discuss formation of an Entertainment District in the Downtown area.  According to City Manager Michael Lamar, the creation of the District will aid new and existing businesses by greatly expanding the options available to them.  The District will also help economic development outreach to prospective new businesses by highlighting the broad range of entertainment choices existing in the Downtown area.  Lamar adds there is no direct or immediate financial impact to the city.  The boundary includes Lincoln Avenue and 6th Street near Granite Creek to across Sheldon Street to Summit Avenue and Alarcon Street across Gurley Street and McCormick, Marina and Cortez Streets down to Aubrey Street.  The discussion will take place at City Hall on South Cortez Street.  

Back to School is just around the corner

Some important dates are coming up as the start of classes gets closer in the Prescott Unified School District.  Seventh graders at Mile High Middle School on Granite Street can pick up their schedules tomorrow and 8th graders can do the same on Wednesday. There will be a make-up day on Thursday.  Pickup times are 9 am to 2:30 pm.  Taylor Hicks Elementary School on Campbell Avenue will have class lists posted on the front window this Friday afternoon at 4.  Lincoln School on Park Avenue already has its class lists posted.   The first day of school in the Prescott Unified School District is Thursday, August 3rd.   

Fire restrictions lifted in Cottonwood

Due to recent rains, the City of Cottonwood has lifted most of its fire restrictions.  Residents and visitors can once again use charcoal, natural gas and propane grills. Residential fire pits and natural gas or propane flame producing heating and warming appliances are allowed provided they are used safely.  Outdoor use of chain saws, grinders, welders and other spark producing equipment is also allowed provided they are used a safe distance from combustible materials.  The burning of weeds, grass and other similar materials won’t be allowed until at least August 1st in accordance with City burn permit regulations.  City of Cottonwood Fire and Medical Department officials are encouraging residents to continue to exercise caution and good judgment in all use of fire.  A garden hose should be kept nearby and after charcoal is used, it should be placed in a metal container and soaked with water to ensure it’s completely out.   

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