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Today: 19.Jul.2018
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Wednesday, 12 July 2017 00:48

Bill's Newscast: Cottonwood Man Allegedly Stabs Roommate After Argument

Argument leads to assault.

School districts adopt budgets

The Humboldt and Prescott Unified School District Boards met tonight to consider adoption of the Fiscal Year 2018 proposed budgets.  According to Humboldt Finance Director Cynthia Windham, the Humboldt budget has been prepared using the final Fiscal Year 2017 100 day student numbers of more than 4400 students.  This represents a decrease in Average Daily Membership of more than 150 students. The Fiscal Year 2018 budget totals more than $33M dollars, an increase of nearly 2%.  The Board meets in the Transportation Training Facility, located on Robert Road in Prescott Valley.  The Prescott Unified School District Board met at 5 to consider adoption of the more than $23 million dollar budget, which is up more than 2% over last year.  Adoption by both boards follows budget approval 2 weeks ago.  The Prescott Unified School Board meeting will be held in the District Office Board Room on South Granite Street.  

Council finishes off the 2018 budget process

The Prescott City Council finished off the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget process at 3 this afternoon.  Council will consider a primary property tax levy of 1.7 million dollars.  This will reduce the City’s property tax rate from last year’s level of 30 cents to 28 cents.  Finance Director Mark Woodfill says setting the levy follows adoption of the 188 million dollar 2018 Budget 2 weeks ago. Woodfill explains it’s been a good budget process. The secondary property tax levy is used to pay debt service on General Obligation bonds.  The City of Prescott no longer has this levy because that bond, which was used to purchase and develop Willow and Watson Lakes, was paid off last year.  The Council meeting will be held at City Hall on South Cortez Street.  

Cottonwood man allegedly stabs roommate

A Cottonwood man has been arrested after he allegedly stabbed his roommate.  The stabbing occurred at around 3 Sunday morning following an argument between roommates. Cottonwood Police Sergeant Monica Kuhlt says Phillips wasn’t done yet. Phillips was arrested when he returned to the home later that day.  He’s facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, assault and disorderly conduct.  These are domestic violence charges because the suspect and victim are roommates.

 Selecting a new Town Manager for D-H 

The Dewey-Humboldt Town Council discussed the selection process for a new Town Manager Tuesday afternoon.  According to Town Manager Yvonne Kimball, on June 30th Mayor Terry Nolan had been directed by Council to contact 2 recruitment firms and an individual who has experience in recruiting managers for small towns.  Nolan has contacted Slavin Management Consultants and the Mercer Group, which has presented a proposal to Council.  He has also contacted John Berchtold, a retired City Manager.   Council will also reconsider action taken last Tuesday involving a contract with Interim Public Management.  The vote was 4 to 3, but after the meeting several residents, including past Council members have asked for reconsideration of that vote.  Kimball has submitted her resignation after 5 years on the job.  Her last day is August 18th.  The special Town Council meeting will be held at Town Hall on Highway 69.  

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