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Today: 19.Jul.2018
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Monday, 10 July 2017 08:46

Bill's News: Clarkdale Man Arrested for Allegedly Dragging Dog Behind Vehicle Featured

Prescott Council considers Deep Well Ranch Master Plan, and a Clarkdale man was arrested for allegedly dragging a dog behind his truck.

This item will need more than one conversation, probably.

The Prescott City Council meets at 1 tomorrow afternoon to hear a presentation on the Deep Well Ranch Master Plan. The 2009 Master Plan is for property located near the Prescott Airport and Pioneer Parkway. The area was incorporated into the Prescott General Plan in 2011. The City has annexed 2 parcels that are 1304 and 321 acres. The Master Plan is a requirement of Proposition 400, which requires a 60 day public comment period for annexations and a majority vote by Council members on any annexations of more than 250 acres. Zoning uses include Light Industrial, Business Regional and Multi-Family. The presentation will take place in Prescott City Council chambers, located on South Cortez Street.

The little Chihuahua was dragged for almost half a mile.

A Clarkdale man has been arrested after he allegedly dragged his dog behind his truck. The incident occurred at around 5 Saturday night. Cottonwood Police Sergeant Monica Kuhlt explains what may have led to the dog being dragged. McClure told officers he forgot the dog was back there. Additional charges are pending based on his blood results.

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