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Today: 23.May.2018
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Sunday, 30 April 2017 23:42

Social Security in Plain Language Featured

Social Security, Presented by J. Dyer

What does that mean?

Social Security is with you throughout life’s journey. As in any relationship, communication is key to forging strong connections and fostering understanding. At Social Security, the way we communicate with you is important to us. We keep this in mind when we write each publication, blog entry, frequently asked question (FAQ), and press release.

The Center for Plain Language has issued its annual Federal Plain Language Report Card. The annual report grades federal agencies on how well they communicate with the public. Social Security scored a B-plus! We’re proud of that grade, but we won’t stop trying to improve it.

There’s only so much time in the day and we know you have a full “to do” list. We know you don’t have time to read confusing government paperwork filled with jargon that requires dictionaries and internet searches to understand. You want to process what you read immediately and without the help of a thesaurus. We get you. 

That’s why our website is easy to access, convenient to navigate, and secure to use. Our FAQs at www∙socialsecurity∙gov/faq and publications at www∙socialsecurity∙gov/pubs contain clear, accurate information that is easy to understand. Some publications are available in up to 17 languages, and they’re written in the same clear, concise way as our English publications. 

Nothing is more important to our agency than meeting the needs of those we serve. Social Security looks forward to continuing to secure today and tomorrow for you and your family.

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