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Today: 23.Apr.2018
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Tuesday, 25 April 2017 07:57

Bill's Newscast: Water, Roadwork & Fire

Arizona Supreme Court will be in Northern Arizona today.

Arizona Supreme Court to hear arguments at Red Rock High School.

Listen to the Arizona Supreme Court hear arguments in 2 cases. The Supreme Court will be at the Performing Arts Center at Red Rock High School this morning. Justices have identified the cases to be presented and attorneys representing each side will be given 20 minutes to present their arguments. Guests attending the arguments will need to arrive no later than 9:30 in order to go through security screening. Food and beverages aren’t permitted past security. Non-student guests are welcome but they must check in at the Principal’s Office at the high school on Upper Red Rock Loop Road in order to gain entrance to the campus while school is in session. After the second case, the justices will take questions from the audience, as long as those questions don’t pertain to the cases they just heard.

DH starts budget discussions

The Dewey-Humboldt Town Council will start Fiscal Year 2018 Budget discussions at 9 this morning. Town Manager Yvonne Kimball reports revenues are over $100,000 more than last year. The increase is largely due to a better economy. Kimball adds all State Shared Revenues are up and therefore, most local revenues are projected upwards except the court fines. The Highway User Revenue Funds are also seeing some increase, including 10 thousand dollars from the State Shared portion. The Town of Dewey-Humboldt has a balanced budget and so far, it has enough money to pay for its obligations and currently there are no money problems. Council priorities include support to the Mayer area Meals on Wheels program and speed radar signs. The budget discussion will take place in Council chambers on Highway 69.

Surprise! Roadwork in Yavapai County

Watch for delays throughout Yavapai County due to road work. County Public Works crews are performing construction on Cherry Creek Road in Dewey-Humboldt, Milton Road from Clubhouse to Skyview Drive in the Mountain Club area of Prescott and Skyline Drive from Iron Springs Road to Happy Valley Road. Crews are also working on various roads in the Robin Drive area of Diamond Valley and West Way from Highway 89 to the end of the pavement in the town of Yarnell. This construction is scheduled to run through June 12th.

Meanwhile, ADOT crews have started a pavement improvement project on Highway 89 in the town of Congress. The 2.6 million dollar project includes replacing the existing asphalt with a new layer of smooth asphalt. Work hours are Monday through Thursday from 6 am to 6 pm.

Yavapai County approves slash cleanup in Walker and Potato Patch

Yavapai County is helping the communities of Walker and Potato Patch help reduce their wildfire risks. The Board of Supervisors has approved a slash cleanup for those areas. The County will provide personnel and equipment to grind and haul off green waste. Walker Community Action Alliance and Firewise Committee representatives say recent storms and heavy snow have damaged many trees and overwhelmed their cleanup efforts. They had requested assistance from the County on these efforts. The cost for this cleanup won’t exceed 10 thousand dollars and it will be paid from the General Fund Slash Account, which has sufficient funds.

Prescott City Council talks water - again

The Prescott City Council meets at 1this afternoon to discuss the use of alternative water for residential development. City of Prescott officials define alternative water as a renewable resource within the water portfolio for assured purposes. A change is being requested to increase the amount allocated for single family residences from nearly 56K gallons annually to over 65K gallons. City Water Resources Manager Leslie Graser explains the allocation of alternative water has been in place for some time. If City Council decides to proceed with a resolution amending the Alternative Water Allocation policy, it could be voted on on May 9th. Tomorrow’s study session will be held in Council chambers on South Cortez Street.

Brush fire contained near Dead Horse Ranch State Park

The Cottonwood Fire and Medical Department has kept a brush fire from causing any major damage. At around 4:30 Sunday afternoon, the fire was reported near Dead Horse Ranch State Park. Crews found the fire still burning in grass, brush and trees in the Verde River corridor near North 10th Street. The fire was quickly controlled, but it took about 2 hours for it to be completely out due to the amount of downed trees involved. The fire was contained to a 25 hundred square foot area. While this incident is under investigation, the blaze is believed to be human caused and possibly an abandoned cooking fire. The Cottonwood Fire and Medical Department is encouraging residents and visitors to use extreme caution when using fire or spark producing tools and appliances.

Prescott residents can comment on Home Rule option during the Council meeting today

Prescott residents can share their comments on an extension of the Home Rule option following City Council’s voting session at 3 this afternoon. Home Rule, also known as the Alternative Expenditure Limitation, enables residents, rather than the State, to set budget levels through public hearings and Council action annually for the next 4 years. Home Rule has been approved by voters every 4 years since 1989. City of Prescott officials say if this option isn’t approved by voters, the State imposed limit estimated at 23 percent lower than the City’s projected revenues and expenses would be put in place. Following today’s public hearing, Council will consider adoption of a resolution proposing an extension of the Alternative Expenditure Limitation. Home Rule will be on the August 29th ballot. The special Council meeting will be held at City Hall on South Cortez Street.

Watershed concerns

The Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition is seeking funding help with certain programs that address critical watershed concerns. During its meeting at 2 tomorrow afternoon, the Coalition Board will consider an application to the USDA Regional Conservation Partnership for funding of vegetation management programs. According to officials, the Coalition has a projected income of $145,500 for the upcoming fiscal year. This comes from dues paid by members the City of Prescott, the Towns of Prescott Valley and Chino Valley and the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe, as well as a matching grant from Yavapai County.

However, the Coalition has projects totaling $159,500 dollars so additional funding is needed. The Coalition Board meets in Prescott City Council chambers on South Cortez Street.

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