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Today: 24.May.2018
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Sunday, 09 April 2017 23:19

Bill's Newscast: Principal for Taylor Hicks Featured

Kelsey Secor has been named as Interim Principal. 

Meet Principal Kelsey Secor

The interim Taylor Hicks Principal isn’t temporary anymore.  After Prescott Unified School District Chief Financial Officer Kevin Dickerson left in January, Taylor Hicks Principal Brian Moore was promoted to that position.  Kelsey Secor was named Interim Principal at that time.  There were 18 applicants for the permanent position and 5 had been selected by a committee for interviews.  The committee had recommended Secor to that position, and that was approved by the Prescott Unified School District Board Tuesday.  During a live appearance on Wednesday’s Talk of the Town Supe Scoop on KQNA, Secor described how things have been going so far. Superintendent Joe Howard says it’s been a smooth transition. Secor had also been an Instructional Coach at both Taylor Hicks and Lincoln Elementary Schools, Assistant Principal at Mile High Middle School and a 6th grade teacher in the Humboldt Unified School District. 

Prescott Valley Road Improvements

Construction is about to get started on a Prescott Valley road improvement project.  Asphalt Paving and Supply has submitted a more than 157 thousand dollar bid for Tuscany Drive, which is the fourth leg of the Glassford Hill Road and North Granville parkway intersection.  Improvements include an additional right turn lane and an extended left lane on Glassford Hill Road.  Prescott Valley Public Works Director Norm Davis explains why these improvements are taking place. Davis says this project will help improve access in that area. The Prescott Valley Town Council discussed this project last night.  The contract with Asphalt Paving and Supply will be considered next Thursday.  

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