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Today: 15.Jul.2018
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Thursday, 06 April 2017 17:01

Bill's Newscast: Zoning Issues and Road Work

It’s that time of year: Road construction projects likely to proliferate.

Dewey-Humboldt to address zoning issues.

The Dewey-Humboldt Planning and Zoning Advisory Commission is busy developing a strategy proposal to address certain zoning issues. Community Planner Steven Brown has told the Commission these zoning issues are the number 1 priority.  Brown has highlighted 3 areas in town that have been identified as having 2 or more zoning codes for 1 property.  He has spoken with Yavapai County officials and they haven’t been able to determine when or why these zones are in place.  Town officials are looking to make mass corrections in the zoning designations rather than have each property owner request needed changes.  The Dewey-Humboldt Planning and Zoning Commission will discuss the strategy plan during its meeting at 6 tonight in Town Council chambers, located on Highway 69.  

New road project in Prescott Valley

The Prescott Valley Town Council meets at 5:30 tonight to discuss a new road improvement project.  According to Public Works Director Norm Davis, the intersection of Glassford Hill Road and North Granville Parkway was completed in 2005.  This intersection was done to accommodate the construction of the Granville subdivision near Glassford Hill Road.  However, the fourth leg of the intersection hasn’t been constructed.  Granville Unit 10 is currently under construction and requires this fourth leg for safe access to Glassford Hill Road.  It will be named Tuscany Drive and will eventually provide connectivity at Santa Fe Loop Road.  Expansion of the intersection will involve an additional right turn lane and an extended left turn lane on Glassford Hill Road.  Existing traffic signal improvements on the new roadway to Tuscany Way include installation of a signal mast arm, new wiring and new pavement markings.   The Prescott Valley Town Council meeting will be held in the Library Auditorium on Civic Circle.   

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