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Today: 25.May.2018
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Monday, 27 March 2017 06:54

Bill's Newscast: Tanner Dodt Places 2nd at State Spelling Bee

Watch the State Spelling Bee on April 21 on PBS.

Repairs to Northern Arizona roadways

Last week’s winter storms have postponed repairs on northern Arizona roadways. ADOT maintenance crews are in patrol and patch mode as they address pavement repair needs on Interstates 40 and 17. After weeks of making permanent repairs, including laying asphalt over rough stretches of pavement, crews this week will be out patching any potholes that have formed as a result of the latest storms. ADOT officials say potholes can pop up quickly when moisture seeps into and below asphalt, which in northern Arizona can be stressed by the combination of freezing overnight temperatures and daytime thawing. ADOT crews make temporary and then permanent repairs to potholes as soon as possible. Two upcoming projects along I-40 between Flagstaff and Williams will add a new layer of pavement in both directions.

Surplus property for sale

The Prescott City Council meets in a closed session at 11 tomorrow morning to discuss unneeded surplus property. Council has determined certain properties aren’t needed and can be put up for sale, including 2 parcels on E-Z Street and property on South Alarcon Street, Old South Reservoir and 2 parcels on the Chino Valley well site totaling 25 acres. In addition, there are 2 city owned properties on vacant land that can be leased. The first site is more than 45 hundred acres on the Big Chino Water Ranch and the other is 330 acres surrounding Dugan Wells in Paulden. City officials say sale or lease of these properties will have a positive impact to the various funds from which they were purchased. The special meeting will be held in the Lower Level Conference Room at Prescott City Hall, located on South Cortez Street.

Prescott Valley intersection improvement project

Work on a Prescott Valley road improvement project is scheduled to start 1 week from today. The Prescott Valley Town Council has approved a 2.5 million dollar contract with Earth Resources Corporation for the Glassford Hill Road and Long Look Drive improvement project. This is the town’s busiest intersection and has long been identified as a worthy project for funding using development impact fees. Expansion to more lanes will allow traffic to move easier. There has been a request from some residents to expand the project scope to include a left turn in only capability at Tuscany Way going into the Granville subdivision. Yavapai College will be making some improvements to Panther Path off Glassford Hill Road as part of this project, which is expected to take about 4 months to complete.

Tanner Dodt comes close to winning the State Spelling Bee

Three time Yavapai County Spelling Bee winner Tanner Dodt came close to winning Saturday’s State Spelling Bee. Dodt qualified for the State competition after winning the Yavapai County Spelling Bee last month. He had also won in 2015 and 2016. Eight grader Penda Ba from Sossaman Middle School in Queen Creek won the State Bee in the 29th round. The 13 year old Ba correctly spelled the word “gigue,” which is a lively dance movement. She moves on to the 90th annual National Spelling Bee in Maryland from May 28th to June 3rd. Dodt, a 7th grader from Heritage Christian Home Educators in Prescott Valley, came in second. The State Spelling Bee will be broadcast at 8 pm on Friday, April 21st on PBS Channel 8.

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